Resizing videos plays a significant role in video editing. Furthermore, a video with an ideal aspect ratio will make the video more attractive. Hence, if you are looking for the best cropping tools for your Apple device, you are on the right track. This article will give you different potent tools that are more applicable in adjusting the MacBook Pro's aspect ratio and the various versions of your device. In addition, the tools that you are about to learn are also ideal in other video customizing aspects such as converting, enhancing, and editing.

Part 1. How to Crop Video With the iMovie

The iMovie is one of Apple devices' most popular video editing tools on Apple devices. Furthermore, this software gives an instant outcome when you resize video on Mac. The same goes for rotating, cropping, and editing your video files. On the other side of the coin, this fantastic software can be user-friendly if you have enough knowledge of video editing. Otherwise, you will find yourself confused about how to use it properly.

Key Features:

◆ It supports up to 4k resolution of videos.

◆ With audio and video transition settings.

◆ Burn DVDs and be able to digitize VHS tapes.

  • It is free software.
  • It has tons of video editing tools.
  • Very beneficial for Apple users.
  • It is not available on Windows and other OS.
  • Not that easy for beginners.

How to Crop a Video in iMovie on Mac

Step 1Launch the iMovie on your Mac, and hit the Plus sign of the Create New. Then, choose the Movie to start your task.

Crop Video Mac iMovie

Step 2Import your video file that you would like to crop by clicking Import Media. Then, go and drag the file at the bottom to start the setting. Hit the Cropping icon located at the right upper part of the interface.

Step 3Start navigating the handlebars to crop and achieve your preferred video size. Subsequently, save the cropped video by hitting the blue Check icon at the right top-most part of the interface.

Part 2. The Ultimate Video Cropping Software on Mac Without iMovie

An ultimate software to crop video on Mac besides iMovie is the AVAide Video Converter. Yes, it is a video converter that works perfectly well in cropping, merging, trimming, reversing, rotating, enhancing, and more. Not just that, because this amazing software has unique features that will turn you into a pro in making video collages, movies or music videos, 3Ds, and GIFs. You don't need to learn much if you are a beginner because this tool has the most user-friendly interface, which is the same on Windows and Linux OS.

Moving forward, the AVAide Video Converter has a broader range of support in different input and output formats, unlike the iMovie, for it supports even the unpopular ones such as the MXF, DPG, DV, MTV, etc. in resizing video on Mac. And so, let us learn this software more by looking at the additional information below.

AVAide Video Converter- Crop Your Video Like a Pro
  • Crop the video manually and automatically.
  • It gives multiple choices on aspect ratio and zoom mode of the video.
  • Upload any video format to crop.
  • Add tons of effects and filters to your video while cropping.
  • It comes with numerous powerful editing tools within the toolbox.

Key Features:

◆ Powerful video converter that converts multiple files 30x faster.

◆ Create music videos and movies artistically.

◆ It comes with hardware acceleration technology.

  • It's a flexible and multipurpose tool.
  • You can adjust not just the MacBook aspect ratio but also with Windows and Linux.
  • It enables sharing of video files online.
  • It is with a paid version.

Crop a Video with AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Import the Video File

Before doing this step, you must download and install the software on your Mac. Launch it, and start importing video files that you want to crop. Just simply hit the Plus icon and select the video. Note that you can upload many files at the same time.

Crop Video Mac Upload

Step 2Predestine the Customized File

You may already decide which folder you would like to direct the cropped file. Go to the Save To, then click Browse and Select Folder from the dropdown list to select your personal folder for the cropped video on Mac.

Crop Video Mac Save

Step 3Start Cropping the File

Click on the Star icon under the name of the source video. Under the Rotate & Crop, navigate the handlebars to crop the video manually on the next window. Otherwise, you can do it automatically by adjusting the Crop Area and the Aspect Ratio, then click OK.

Crop Video Mac Crop

Step 4Apply the Changes

To acquire the changes you made on the video file, click the Convert All button. Wait while it is in progress, then check in the Converted or your chosen folder.

Crop Video Mac Convert

Part 3. How to Resize Video in QuickTime Player on Mac

The QuickTime Player is the software you can't miss if you are a Mac babe. Adjusting the video aspect ratio would initially be thought of with the Quicktime Player because this tool is the built-in media player of all Mac computers. Despite that, this tool has extended its great deal to Windows 7 and Vista, but with a slight difference in functionality compared to Mac OS. Unlike the previous devices, QuickTime won't allow you direct cropping of videos, but it will enable you to resize, rotate, flip, and trim. How to resize the video? See the details below.

Step 1Launch the QuickTime Player, open the video file you want to resize by clicking the File, then Open File.

Step 2To resize the video on Mac, bring the video into Full-Screen mode, then choose among the following: Actual Size Command+1, Fit to Screen Command+3, Fill the Screen Command+4, Panoramic Command+5.

Crop Video Mac QuickTime

Key Features:

◆ It plays and records video and audio files.

◆ It enables screen recording.

◆ It enables sharing of video files online.

  • No need to download software on your Mac.
  • It has very limited editing tools and features, unlike the others.
  • It only supports MOV and MP4 output formats

Part 4. How to Crop Video Using a Photo App on Mac Big Sur

Are you wondering if you can use the Photos app of your Mac OS Big Sur? Yes, you can. In fact, this version of Mac is the only one that includes applying the filters and other settings, including adjusting the MacBook's aspect ratio of the video. In addition, the Photo App can also be a good choice in storing your photos, videos, and other files. Therefore, if you want to know the proper way of cropping your video using the Photos, rely on the steps below.

Step 1First, you need to ensure that the video you would like to crop is stored in the Photos. If not, you can import it first. To do so, click the File upon launching the app, then choose the Import.

Step 2Begin editing the video by opening it and clicking the Edit button located at the right upper-most part. Then, click the Crop tab and move to Aspect.

Step 3To crop video on your Mac, start adjusting the handlebars to get the perfect ratio for your video. Then, you can click the Done button once you are done cropping.

Crop Video Big Sur

Key Features:

◆ The Photo app can edit, crop, trim and add filters on the video and photos.

  • It is a built-in tool for almost all types of devices.
  • I can store large files.
  • The availability of the editing tools depends on the version of your Mac.
  • There are limited tools and features available, unlike the other third-party tools.

Part 5. FAQs Regarding Video Cropping

How will I crop a video on Mac without affecting the resolution?

Use the AVAide Video Converter if you want to retain or even get better quality for your cropped video files.

Can I crop my videos in Photos using my MacBook Air?

Unfortunately, the Photo App in the MacBook Air excludes video editing, including cropping.

Can I crop and convert my video files online?

Yes. As there are many different cropping tools available online. Hence, you may use the AVAide Free Video Converter Online for your conversion needs online anytime.


To conclude, there are many ways to crop your videos on Mac, and you only need to be resourceful. On the other hand, this article will surely help you be more innovative. Use the provided tools and have an excellent video editing experience, especially using the AVAide Video Converter for a better encounter. Click to learn how to crop videos in Premiere Pro.

By Bryan Simmonds on Mar 11, 2022

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