Do you need to know how to crop a video in QuickTime? Perhaps, some parts or angles on your videos need to be cut, and you can only do that on your Mac. QuickTime is the standard media player for Mac and could probably be your first priority tool to crop your videos. However, the said player that your Mac has couldn't literally crop your video unless it is upgraded to QuickTime pro. Thus, this article will show you the detailed steps on how to achieve the best cuts properly using the pro version of Quicktime.

On the other hand, as we always want what's best for you, we will introduce an ultimate and worthy software that will help you crop a QuickTime video in the most straightforward manner while enhancing them perfectly and awesomely.

Part 1. How to Crop a Video Using QuickTime Pro

The QuickTime Pro is the premium version of the QuickTime player, with a prerequisite of QuickTime7 prior to upgrading. Furthermore, this software can also be enjoyed on Mac and Windows alike. With roughly $30, you will be able to obtain or upgrade your existing QuickTime to the pro version, wherein you can technically change the video aspect ratio using QuickTime.

However, to execute the task correctly, your device should also have Photoshop for you to be able to mask the file, which plays a crucial role in doing the task. Anyways, if you are ready to do it, see the guidelines below.

Step 1Get a Copy Frame of Your Video

Open your QuickTime Player on your Mac, and open the video file using it. Now, go and click the Edit and choose Copy. Then, export your particular frame in JPG format.

Step 2Make a File Mask Using Photoshop

Launch your Photoshop and start making a New Project as part of how to crop video on QuickTime Pro. Click the File and paste the image you captured previously. Click then among the Marquee tools to select the area you want to use. The best is always the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Once selected, fill the space with black and white for the rest, then save the file.

Crop Video QuickTime

Step 3Put in the Mask in QuickTime Pro

On the QuickTime Pro, click the Windows and choose the Show Movie Properties. On the next window, hit the Visual Settings then the Choose button to import the mask and be applied to the video.

Crop Viro QuickTime

Step 4Export the Video

Finally, you can save the cropped video by hitting the File then choosing the Export. That is how to resize QuickTime video in the pro version.

Part 2. The Best Choice to Crop Video On Mac

If you are looking for the simplest yet great solution to crop your videos besides the previous one, the AVAide Video Converter is the best choice. Furthermore, this fantastic video cropper for Mac and an excellent choice for Windows and Linux-operated devices. It allows you to resize the video and achieve your target ratio in different ways with the most straightforward interface. Not just that, because you can adjust or enhance your file while aiming for its perfect angle.

Since it's a perfect video converter tool, you can export your cropped QuickTime video into various formats to fit your destination device. Moreover, security-wise the AVAide Video Converter is the safest for your hardware, for it has the hardware and security acceleration that your device needs.

AVAide Video Converter- Crop Your QuickTime Video Instantly
  • It is the easiest way to crop your videos.
  • It offers numerous aspect ratios and zoom modes to choose from.
  • It supports more than 300 video formats to crop.
  • It comes with tons of effects and filters for your video while cropping.
  • It offers powerful, powerful editing tools within the toolbox.

Key Features Of AVAide Video Converter:

◆Besides cropping a QuickTime video, it is also a converter that converts using ultrafast technology.

◆Movie/Music maker supported by tons of themes.

◆The best video collage maker that helps you become creative.

◆DVD ripper.

◆Multifunctional toolbox.

1. All-featured cropping tool.
2. Practical editing options.
3. Fast processing and exporting speed.
1. It needs download.
2. Limited features for trail version.

How to Use the AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Get the Software

Download and install the tool on your Mac once you get to its official website. And let us see other steps on how to resize QuickTime video files.

Step 2Upload the Video File(s)

Launch the tool and begin to upload the video files that you need to crop. You can hit the Add Files button or simply drag and drop the files at the center of the interface.

Crop Video QuickTime Upload

Step 3Predestine the Cropped File

You may choose to predestine the cropped file before customizing it. To do so, just go to the Save To portion located at the bottom, then click the Browse and Select Folder from the list to choose your personal folder from your device.

Crop Video QuickTime Save

Step 4Crop the QuickTime Video

WHit the Star icon next to the scissors icon of the file. On the next window, within the Rotate & Crop, you can either adjust the handlebars to crop the video manually or do it automatically by setting in the Crop Area as well as the Aspect Ratio. This is also a perfect time for you to add effects, filters, watermarks, and subtitles to your video.

Crop Video QuickTime Crop

Step 5Save the Cropped Video

To apply the changes that you made to the file, hit the Convert All red button. Then, check your chosen folder to validate your cropped video.

Crop Video QuickTime Convert

Part 3. Questions Frequently Asked Related to Video Cropping

How to crop video in QuickTime Player on Windows?

The QuickTime Player on Windows can't crop the video just like on Mac. However, if you really want to do so, use the Windows version of the QuickTime Pro together with Photoshop. Otherwise, use the AVAide Video Converter for the simplest yet excellent experience.

Can I crop video using the VLC?

Yes. VLC is a media player that can also edit your video files.

How to resize a QuickTime video without having pixelated graphics?

As there may happen sometimes, but with the correct cropping tool to use, you can avoid that instance.


In cropping a video, you need to go for the one that could make the task easy. The QuickTime Pro may be suitable for your Mac, but the AVAide Video Converter will make the task simple and fun. Try it Now!

By Bryan Simmonds on Mar 11, 2022

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