Do you want to massively convert AIFF to AAC files at once but are worried about the quality of the output? Indeed, an AIFF file contains an extraordinary sound quality. And altering it will be crucial for you should convert it to a container that can obtain or retain its quality, just like the AAC. In addition, the AAC file container holds versatility which has a great range of compatibility with players and devices. However, not all converter tools can comply with producing high-end AAC converted files. Therefore, in this article, you will be given the two most reliable and commendable solutions to grant you exceptional outputs.

Part 1. AIFF VS. AAC: How Do They Differ from Each Other?

A comparison chart is given below for you to see the differences between AIFF and AAC.

Attributes AAC AIFF
AIFF 1. Advanced Audio Coding.
2. For digital music data.
1. Developed by Apple Inc.
2. For personal computers and devices.
Compression Lossy Lossless
Compatibility To almost all of the following:
1. Mobile devices
2. Media players.
Most on desktop players like:
1. Windows Media Player
2. VLC
3. iTunes
4. Quicktime etc.
Advantages 1. With an extraordinary quality even within the same bitrate.
2. Compatible with most players and devices.
3. Contains a compressed file size.
Obtains a high sound quality.
Disadvantages Some AAC files are difficult to share. Uncompressed

Part 2. The Best Software To Use in Converting AIFF to AAC Losslessly

To convert AIFF to AAC, you will need nothing but the best converter tool. Therefore, we give you the AVAide Video Converter. This powerful software also functions very well with audio files. It converts and even enhances the quality of soundtracks efficiently. Furthermore, its support of different file formats is sensational. It carries more than 300 audio and video formats. Moreover, the features and toolbox are of top quality performers, for they have everything that will make the files, especially the videos boosted.

What's more, it allows group conversion, which is essential for active users. In addition, it works within a short period and converts the massive audio files 30 times faster than the usual tools. Indeed, you will have customized AAC files after using it, for you are free to add segments, trim, merge, cut, and compress them instantly.

AVAide Video Converter the Best AIFF to AAC Converter
  • Converts with high accelerated technology.
  • Converts AIFF to AAC bulk files all at once.
  • Smooth conversion process with no watermark.
  • Able to merge, trim, add a segment, cut, compress, and boost the audio sounds.
  • Allows the users to freely adjust the bitrate, channel, and encoder of the file.

Detailed Steps on How to Use the AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Get The Tool Installed

Allow the tool to work on your PC, download, and install it. Visit the AVAide Video Converter's official website, then click on the download button applicable on your device.

Step 2Get the AIFF Files Uploaded

Once you acquire the tool to convert AIFF to AAC, start navigating it. On the main interface, choose whether to drag and drop the files or to click and upload them by hitting the Add Files.

AIFF AAC Upload File

Step 3Change the Files to AAC

Once you put all the AIFF files on the interface, work to change them to AAC. Click on the Arrow beside the Convert All To, or you may choose to click the Arrow of each file for individual settings. On the setting portion, go to the Audio and choose the AAC, then click your chosen quality.


Step 4Pre-Personalize the Output

This time, you may choose to personalize the output, by editing them. Click on the Scissors or Star icons and see how you will set the file to your preference.


Step 5Convert AIFF to AAC Now

Finally, you may start the conversion process now by hitting the Convert All tab. You may set your expected time, for it converts 30 faster. Once the process is done, check and acknowledge the completed files under Converted.

AIFF AAC Convert File

Note: Please feel free to make or choose a destination for your converted files. To set, just on the Save to portion, and click the Arrow.

Part 3. The Most Favorable Free Online Solution to Convert AIFF to AAC

Now let us learn the online method of converting such files. We know there are times where a particular device is not available for new software. Therefore, this method is perfect for those kinds of circumstances. The AVaide Free Video Converter is an online tool that gives a limitless and unfailing conversion process. Furthermore, it got the highest rating and recommendation to convert AIFF to AAC from users of any kind.

Moreover, it contains substantial support for almost all famous and most used file formats today. Also, it gives the most fulfilling conversion experience, for it allows bulk and fast conversion within a non-ads and no-watermark facile interface. On the other hand, following the simple guidelines has never been as easy as below.

Step 1Come in for the Launcher

Visit the website of the AVAide Free Video Converter, and start by clicking the ADD YOUR FILES button to acquire the launcher.

AIFF AAC Online File

Step 2Upload All the AIFFs Files

Once you get to the interface, put all your AIFF files in by clicking the Add File button.

AIFF AAC Online Add

Step 3Presets to AAC Outputs

To convert AIFF to AAC, you must tap each file then move the cursor to hit the Note icon. Once the audio formats are revealed, choose the AAC format as the output.

Step 4Start the Conversion Process

If you think all are good, you may hit the Convert button to choose a destination file. Thereafter, the conversion process will start immediately.

AIFF AAC Online Convert

Part 4. FAQs About AIFF to AAC Conversion

Is converting AIFF to AAC beneficial?

Yes, beneficial, most especially for sharing the soundtracks to various media players, and mobile devices. Because the AAC has wider compatibility than the AIFF.

Does converting the AIFF to AAC lose the quality?

Yes, at some point. However, using the right converter tool will make the AAC files retain the winning quality of the AIFF.

What bitrate can attain the high quality of the AAC?

To have a high quality of the AAC, it must have a 320kbps bitrate.


Both the AVAide Video Converter and AVAide Free Video Converter are the kind of solutions that genuinely work for the most significant outputs in converting AIFF to AAC. Moreover, using either one of them would be an excellent option. Hence, the premium AVAide Video Converter should have a greater emphasis, for it holds powerful and multifunctional features and the toolbox that are worth the low price.

By Sylvie Hyde on Dec 28, 2021

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