APE is an audio file that contains lossless data compression. Furthermore, this means audio files encoded to APE usually have reduced up to half of the original size yet still control good quality. However, this kind of format has amicable compatibility with media players and devices. As a result, many plump for a file transformation, and they particularly convert APE to AAC files. Therefore, with this kind of situation, this article will be a helping hand, for it will give you only the fantastic methods that will not budge the sound quality of the files.

Part 1. APE VS AAC: A Brief Introduction

What is APE?

As mentioned above, the Monkey's Audio, also known as the APE, is an audio format that comes with lossless data compression. Furthermore, it is a kind of file that contains a license restriction which makes it challenging to share and play on devices.

What is AAC?

On the other hand, AAC or Advanced Audio Coding is an audio format containing a high quality within s lossy compression. Unlike the APE, the AAC is amiable with different devices and players. Also, it is the standard dormant for iTunes, so most likely, songs or music you get from iTunes are in an AAC file. Therefore, sharing your music with the said app will allow you to use the AAC format.

Part 2. The Most Remarkable Way to Convert APE to AAC Losslessly

Indeed, attaining high quality after the conversion is made easy with AVAide Video Converter. Furthermore, this remarkable software works fast and efficiently in converting APE to AAC on Mac, same on Windows and Linux. Moreover, this software has impressive tools to boost the video and audio files quality and make them more presentable when playing them. Learn how to customize your APE and AAC files by cutting, merging, compressing, and adding your preferred segments in between files.

AVAide Video Converter With the Swift APE to AAC Conversion
  • It Converts or extracts quality sound from popular file formats such as the MP4, AVI, WMV, AC3, OGG, WMA, M4V, etc.
  • Allows setting of parameters of the audio files to have an exquisite output.
  • It comes with a very convenient interface.
  • Allows group files conversion.
  • Converts multiple files 30x faster than the others.
  • With additional features such as Moviemaker, Video collage, DVD Ripper, and multipurpose toolbox.

On top of that, experience the amazing acceleration technology that will convert the bulk APE files faster than ever. See the fantastic work of AVAide Video Converter upon looking at the detailed steps below.

Step 1Install the Software via Download

Get the tool onto your computer by downloading it. Go and visit the AVAide Video Converter website, look for the download button, and choose the button that best suits your device.

Step 2Import the APE Files

To convert APE to AAC in bulk, you must import multiple files into the interface. To do so, click the Add files button on the upper-left part. Hence, you can just drop all of them at the Plus sign portion.

APE AAC Upload File

Step 3Set the Files to AAC

After putting all the APE files inside, it's time to set them to achieve the target output. Click the Arrow icon next to Convert All To, and from the Audio list, choose the AAC, then click the desired quality.

APE AAC Set File

Step 4Edit the Files

This additional step is for those who want to customize the files before converting. Click on the Editing icons, as shown below, whether to custom the profile or to cut and enhance the data.


Step 5Start Converting APE to AAC

If you think the APE files are ready for conversion, click the Convert All button. Please be reminded that you can check the completed files in the Converted tab. Otherwise, customizing the destination file can also be done if you click on the Save To part.

APE AAC Convert File

Part 3. How to Convert APE to AAC Online Unlimitedly

The AVAide Free Video Converter is an online solution that can give you unlimited service when it comes to converting files. Furthermore, unlike other online solutions, it allows the users to transform multiple files at once in a rapid manner, for it works 30x faster due to its acceleration program. Also, it enables profile editing wherein you can freely adjust the bitrate and other technical data of the files.

What's more, this fantastic free converter supports multiple input and output formats. Moreover, for a smoother experience, you will not see any ads while using it, just as no watermarks on the converted files. So without any further adieu, if you are new to it, let us learn how to convert APE to AAC with the simple yet detailed steps provided below.

Step 1Get the Launcher Initially

For you to navigate efficiently, you must acquire the launcher of AVAide Free Video Converter. Just visit the official website, click the ADD YOUR FILES, download it, then open it.

APE AAC Online File

Step 2Add APE Files

To import many APe files, click the Add File button detected on the left upper part of the interface. Please take note that uploading files doesn't have a limit.

APE AAC Online Add File

Step 3Setting the APE Files to AAC

Configure the files by tapping the file, then the Note image, and choose the AAC on the list. Repeat the procedure for the other files. Also, tapping the Setting icon on the tail part of the file will lead you to edit the file's bitrate, channel, encoder, and sample bitrate.

APE AAC Online Set File

Step 4Convert APE to AAC Now

Push on the Convert button, and browse and choose a destination from your local file storage for the converted files. Then check it right after the conversion process is completed.

APE AAC Online Convert File

Part 4. FAQs Regarding APE and AAC

Does the Mp3 player support the APE file?

Unfortunately, we tried to play the APE with an mp3 player. However, it didn’t work.

If I convert the APE to AAC, can I reconvert the file back to APE?

Sure you can. This vice versa conversion will give you almost the same quality, with the help of AVAide Video Converter.

Can I merge 2 AAC files in one using the AVAide Free Video Converter?

Merging two audio files in one can be done with the AVAide Video Converter software version. On the other hand, the online version has the means to adjust the bitrate.


Converting files like APE to AAC has never been easy until you use the AVAide Video Converter. Furthermore, continuous utilization of the program will make you victorious in transformation. Also, you will be empowered with another task such as making personal movie files out of your videos. Don't lose the chance, download AVAide Video Converter now.

By Sylvie Hyde on Dec 16, 2021

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