Do you find storing many AIFF files on your computer troublesome? Perhaps the said files eat a lot of space on your computer storage. You might just want to convert AIFF to M4A files to save spacious storage to accommodate more files. Good thing, this article will teach you how to transform the AIFF files to M4A without losing the quality yet obtaining compressed files.

Part 1. AIFF vs M4A

Having enough knowledge about the different audio files is always the first to prioritize before changing them into a different form. Therefore, a comparison table is given below for you to understand more about the AIFF and M4A audio files.

File Name M4A AIFF
Developer Apple Apple Inc.
Description The MPEG-4 Audio file of M4A is a file container designed to store audio files on the Apple app store. Audiobooks, audio content, and podcasts can be stored within this file. An audio file format that is used in storing audio data on electronic and computer devices.
Advantages Contains an excellent audio quality within a much-compressed lossless file. In addition, M4A is not a digital rights-protected file which makes it pliable to edit and transfer. It contains a very high sound quality.
Disadvantages It has a low range of compatibility with other devices. Eats huge space storage due to its quality. It is uncompressed.

Part 2. How to Use the Top 5 AIFF to M4A Converters on Windows & Mac

This part will give you insights and knowledge about the usage of the 5 best AIFF to M4A converters. If you are struggling when it comes to converting files on Mac and even on Windows-based computers, after reading this part you will realize how easy-peasy transforming files are.

Convert AIFF to M4A Using AVAide Video Converter

The AVAide Video Converter is the leading software today. The users are getting hooked by its wonderful and multifunctional features. This software is not only for videos but also an excerpt in transforming audio files and always exceeds the users’ expectations. Level up your conversion skills by making your own movie, 3D, GIF, and ripping DVDs using it.

In the same way, it allows the users to enhance, compress, trim, and merge the audio files. Save your time and convert multiple files at once. On the other hand, below are the detailed guidelines on how to convert AIFF to M4A easily.

Step 1Download and Install

Download and Install the tool on your PC. You may click the download button below for a faster way. Then launch it.

Step 2Upload the AIFF Files

Drag and drop your AIFF files directly to the interface. As another option, click the Add Files button to upload your files. Amazingly, you may upload an entire folder and convert all files at the same time.

AIFF M4A Upload File

Step 3Set the Files to M4A

Click the Convert All To button, then choose M4A from the formats under Audio. For the individual setting, you may click the Arrow dropdown button on each file.

AIFF M4A Set File

Step 4Start the Conversion

Start the conversion right after configuring all the files. Click the Convert All button and wait for the conversion process to be completed.

AIFF M4A Convert File

Step 5Check on the Converted files

Every converted file is automatically saved on your computer, to discover the location click the Converted tab then the Folder image.

How to Utilize VLC on AIFF to M4A Conversion

VLC by VideoLan project is open-source software that is also ideal for audio file conversion. Although it has been a very flexible media player, its conversion feature has been also very useful to the users. However, the conversion process with this freeware might give a little confusion to others at first, as it has an indirect interface. Luckily, we prepared the simplified steps below for your reference.

Step 1Uploading AIFF Files

Launch the freeware and click CTRL+R on your keyboard. On the main interface, hit the Add tab to upload the AIFF file, then click the Convert/Save button after.


Step 2Set the Output to M4A

Click the Arrow dropdown button of Profile and choose the M4A. Hit the Browse tab after, to choose a destination for your output.

Step 3Start Converting

Hit the Start button to begin the conversion process. Wait for the process to complete, then check your chosen file storage.


Make Use of Totally Free Converter

The Totally Free Converter is another freeware that converts the video and audio files swiftly. The conversion process will amaze you, it is as if you are just saving a new file. However, this converter doesn’t offer any settings that help enhance the output. In addition, it supports minimal file formats, unlike the others. Without any further adieu, let us see below the steps of this AIFF to M4A converter.

Step 1Add the AIFF File

Launch the software and hit the Video&Audio from the small interface. Then click on your AIFF file, then hit Open.


Step 2Save as M4A File

Choose the M4A from the Save as Type dropdown. Rename the new file, then click Save.

Try the ZamZar Online AIFF to M4A Converter

ZamZar is an online solution that lets you convert AIFF to M4A. It offers a variety of conversion categories including images, eBooks, and documents. Still, this online tool doesn’t render limitless service, unless you use a paid account. As a result, you can only upload files not exceeding 50MB in size. On the other hand, below are the steps to follow in changing AIFF to M4A.

Step 1Add the AIFF Files

Add your AIFF files by clicking the Add Files button.

Step 2Choose M4A as the Output

Hit the Convert To button then choose the M4A format.

Step 3Start the Conversion

Start the conversion by hitting the Convert Now button. Wait for the conversion process to finish, then download the converted file.

AIFF M4A Zamzar File

Utilize the AVAide Free Video Converter

When it comes to the best online AIFF to M4A converter AVAide Free Video Converter is the number one choice. This free tool offers a conversion with an acceleration technology that works 30x faster than others. Moreover, its facile interface has been very helpful even to non-experienced people.

Convert your video and audio files without any watermark and ads on the page. What’s more, unlike others it is an online tool that has its own built-in setting to enhance the output. Let us see below guidelines on how to transform the AIFF files to M4A in bulk online.

Step 1Getting the Launcher

Download the launcher to your PC for once. Go to the official website then hit the ADD YOUR FILES button.

AIFF M4A Online File

Step 2Uploading AIFF files

Click the ADD YOUR FILES button again to add your initial files. To add more files to the interface, hit the Add File button.

AIFF M4A Onlineupload File

Step 3Setting the Files to M4A

To convert AIFF to M4A, choose the M4A among the audio formats available upon clicking the Note icon.

AIFF M4A Onlineset File

Step 4Converting Process

Click the Convert button after setting the files. Thereafter, a window of your computer storage will appear, from there you need to choose the destination of the output then the conversion process will start after.

AIFF M4A Onlineconvert File

Part 3. FAQs On AIFF to M4A Conversion

Can I compress the AIFF file?

Surely. Compressing an AIFF file may tend to make the file lossy. Use the effective yet simple way of AVAide Video Converter to compress the AIFF file without losing the quality.

I want to convert the M4A to MP4 with a higher bitrate. Can I do that?

Of course, in converting files you can always adjust the bitrate into your preference. However, please keep in mind that the higher the bitrate the bigger the file is.

Can I convert multiple files at once with VLC?

Unfortunately, upon the trial version, VLC couldn’t do the bulk conversion.


To sum this article up, you are free to try all the featured AIFF to M4A converters as all of them make a good impression. On the other hand, most of the scrutiny on the trial led the AVAide Video converter as the best among them to convert AIFF to M4A easily.

By Sylvie Hyde on Dec 28, 2021

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