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It’s funny how other people choose just to delete their memorable photos due to having low quality. Where in fact, they could just choose to enhance or upscale them to preserve and keep them. Enhancing the image will refine the photograph’s elements, making the photo better in resolution. Furthermore, enhancing will fix all the impurities such as over-pixelation, blurry, and noise in the photo. On the other hand, if you are one of those who value the memories taken in a photograph, but with unsatisfying photo quality, then we suggest you try the best solutions we have for you.

Enhance your JPG and PNG image online or with any device you are comfortable using, for we have gathered even the best for mobile. So, continue reading the content below, and choose the right tool for you later.

Part 1. How to Enhance JPEG/JPG/PNG Resolution in Five Ways

AVAide Image Upscaler

AVAide Image Upscaler tops one of the best free online photo resolution enhancers of 2022. This web-based photo enhancer lets you perfectly transform your JPEG, JPG, and BMP images unlimitedly. Furthermore, it generously edits the photo by deblurring, removing noise, and upscaling it in just a single click. You will be shocked at how powerful it is to transform your blurry photo into a vivid and stunning one, which you can compare with the one made by a professional and high-class tool. Not just that, because it lets you claim your outputs without imprinting a watermark on them. So, if you are excited to enhance JPG online for free, then follow the steps below.

Step 1Click this link to direct you to its main page. After redirecting you to the main page of the image upscaling tool, hit the Choose a Photo button at the center to upload the file. Alternatively, you can drop your JPEG file on it.

Avaide Upload Photo

Step 2As you notice, your JPEG photo has already been enhanced upon uploading it. Now, you have the choice to magnify the photo more, and if so, hit the enlargement selection at the top. Otherwise, roam and check the big difference between your original photo to the new one.

Avaide Check Magnify Photo

Step 3Afterward, you can click the Save button to download your enhanced JPEG resolution and size.

Avaide Save

Let’s Enhance.io

Another web-based that significantly enhances your photos and makes them stunningly beautiful. It has unique operations where you can access to edit the upscale type and size of the photo. In addition, it is also under the operation option where you can toggle on the light AI, tone, and color enhance selections. However, unlike AVAide, Let’s Enhance only lets you improve ten images for its free trial. Along with that plan is unlimited storage for six months, which imprints a watermark on the outputs. If you want to remove watermark from the outputs, you’ll need to use a watermark remover. Hence, here are the steps to follow using this program.

Step 1On the program’s website, hit the Try for free selection. After that, you will be given time to signup using your email account and start to enhance PNG quality online for free.

Lets Enhance Free

Step 2On the main canvas of the tool, hit the Upload icon to get your jpeg photo in. Then, click the Smart Enhance selection on the right side of the interface. Subsequently, hit the Start Processing button.

Lets Enhance Process

Step 3After the enhancement process, you can already save the photo by clicking the Download icon.

Lets Enhance Download


Get ready for our next web-based photo enhancer, the Pixlr. Pixlr has been comparable to Photoshop because it contains most features of Photoshop but has more straightforward navigation. Actually, this program has two classifications Pixlr E, and Pixlr X. Go for the Pixlr E if you want a professional-like and powerful tool, and go for the X type for the user-friendly tool. On the other hand, here is the tutorial on how to enhance PNG quality online with Pixlr.

Step 1Go to its website and choose between the two types. In this tutorial, we chose the X type. On the main canvas of Pixlr X, hit the Open Image button to upload your photo.

PIXLR Upload

Step 2Click the Adjust icon, and navigate manually the settings shown. Otherwise, click the POP selection to see your photo's radiance and quality change. After that, hit the Save button at the bottom of the interface to apply the changes.

PIXLR Adjust

Step 3On the popped-up window, custom the presets to your preference. Then, click the Save As button to download the enhanced file.



Here it is, the ultimate and popular desktop photo editing software, Photoshop. This program offers numerous features and options to adjust and enhance your photos like increasing the resolution of images. In fact, it has everything an editor needs which is why many professionals still hold on to it. So, without further adieu, see the simple instructions below on how to enhance JPEG resolution using Photoshop.

Step 1Launch the software and open your JPEG or PNG photo using it by going to the File tab. Once the photo is in, click the Image and select the Image Size among the options.

PS Image Size

Step 2After that, a small window will appear. From there, adjust the Width, Height, and Resolution of the photo. Make sure that the Resample selection is ticked. Then, hit the OK button to apply the changes.

PIXLR Upload

Step 3After that, you can already export the enhanced photo. Go and click the File menu, and select Save As.

PS Save

Stellar Repair for Photo

Stellar is a helpful photo editor that you can use to fix the impurities of your JPEG files. Although it has a simple and hueless interface, Stellar can still upscale PNG photos and turn them into thumbnails of smaller size. Stellar’s best attribute that you will surely be impressed with is its capability to repair multiple files simultaneously.

Step 1Open the software, and hit Add File. Please note that when you upload multiple files in just one click.

Stellar Add File

Step 2On the next page, you will see all the photos added. Here, you can add more photos by clicking the Add button. Otherwise, hit the Repair tab to start the process.

Stellar Repair

Step 3Once the repair process is done, you may check the photos one by one. Then, click the Save Repaired Files button to export the files.

Stellar Save
Picture Left Picture Right

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Part 2. FAQs on Enhancing Photo Resolution

Can I enhance the JPG size using Paint?

Yes. Paint can help you to resize, crop, rotate, and flip your images.

Does enhancing photo resolution mean sharpening?

Sharpening a photo also means enhancing the acutance and resolution. However, enhancing the resolution means adjusting the pixels, size, and the file itself.

Will my photo increase in quality after enlarging it?

In most cases, photos that have undergone enlargement have increased in quality. However, this doesn’t apply to other photo editing tools. Thus, use the AVAide Image Upscaler to see an excellent result on this matter.


This article provides excellent and reliable tools to enhance your JPEG, JPG and PNG photo files. Indeed, there may be a lot of programs with the same features in the market, but you cannot ensure their reliability. You must now decide whether to go for a desktop or online program

By Jane Pineda on Aug 08, 2022


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