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There will be times that you want to reminisce ole memories by looking at your photos. The tendency, if you are viewing old photos, you will get to realize the big difference in their quality from the photos now. Another scenario would be, getting a low-quality picture even after using a modern camera. Well, that’s pretty normal and avoidable even nowadays.

Therefore, if you have been figuring out how to fix the picture quality but are unable to get answers that will satisfy you, then you’re on the right post. Everybody looks for a perfect solution for this, and one tool that comes to their mind is Photoshop. Therefore, if you are one of those chasers who believe in the power of Photoshop, then you should observe the guidelines that we are about to give you. In line with this, to give you an extra powerful solution for your online platform option is the most powerful photo editor that will cause you to drop your jaw. You will find all this if you continue reading the content below.

Part 1. How to Fix Picture Quality with a Jaw-Dropping Online Tool

Fixing the photo quality will never be a problem using the AVAide Image Upscaler. It is an online photo editor that causes users to drop their jaws. Who wouldn’t drop their jaw by seeing a simple tool that can transform photos into professional-like outputs in just a single click? AVAide Image Upscaler, with its artificial intelligence technology, has meticulously provided excellent enhanced photos by potently removing their noise, sharpening, fixing, and unblurring them instantly! Not to mention its ability to fix your blurry pictures not only twice as the original scale but six times!

Not just that, because this AVAide Image Upscaler has also been dedicated to working in various photo formats such as JPEG, JPG, and BMP. In addition, unlike Photoshop, you can use an image quality enhancers for free, and amazingly it's free from watermark and ads! So to learn the easiest and fastest way to fix photo quality online, the guidelines are provided below.

Step 1Get Into the Site

The first thing that you should do is to visit the main website of the AVAide Image Upscaler. And from there, you must click the Choose a Photo tab for you to upload the photo you need to fix.

Online Choose Photo

Step 2Check and Modify

Once the importation process is done, you can already check the difference between the preview of the original photo and the output. Please take note that the output is already upscaled 2x, but you can still upscale it more by choosing a higher level in the Magnification option.

Online Upscale

Step 3Save to Download

As easy as that, and you can now hit the Save button. After that, you will immediately see the output downloading in JPEG format. And to continue working on your other photos, click the New Image button and do the same procedure.

Online Save

Part 2. Guidelines on How to Fix Bad Quality Pictures in Photoshop

Photoshop is, without a doubt, a photo editing software that has nailed fixing photos stunningly. Furthermore, this professional program lets users enjoy the advanced features and editing tools that it consists of. Moreover, Photoshop can help you fix your blurry photos in various methods, including increasing the image resolution, adding a mask, and many more. Basically, this program has all the photo editing options you need to fix your photos’ quality. As a matter of fact, it can enable you to access its basic features like rotate, resize, crop, upscale, etc.

Thus, for your photos that need restoration, Photoshop is a good choice. However, this software can only be great for experienced users or professionals, which is not good news for beginners. Still, if you want to use Photoshop to enhance your low-pixel picture, then feel free to follow the below steps.

Step 1First and foremost, you need to make an effort to download and install the software. Once installed, launch it and go directly to the File tab, and click Open which will lead you to import your photo.

PS Open

Step 2Now go and hit the Window selection of the layer panel and choose Layers from numerous options. Then, check the layers setting from the small window on the right side of the interface, and right-click your photo to convert it to a smart object.

PS Layers

Step 3This time start fixing your photo by accessing the Filter option. After that, choose the Sharpen selection followed by the Unsharp Mask option.

PS Sharpen

Step 4Upon reaching the Unsharp Mask setting section, start adjusting the Amount and the Radius of the photo. Once you reach your desired fixation, hit the OK tab to grab the settings.

PS Unsharp Mask

Step 5You can finally save your enhanced photo by heading out to the File menu and clicking the Save As selection.

PS Save File
Picture Left Picture Right

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Part 3. FAQs about Fixing Picture Quality

Can I still fix ripped photos?

Yes. There are many powerful tools today that can be a great help in restoring your old photos. And those photo editing programs, like the AVAide Image Upscaler and Photoshop, are a great option for hiring a professional to restore your ripped photos.

How do I enlarge a low-resolution image for printing?

If you need to print a low-resolution image, you must upscale it first, for you cannot disregard enhancing. Otherwise, you will have a pixelated and blurry printed photo. You can use a photo enlarger tool like AVAide Image Upscaler to enlarge your low-resolution images for printing.

How can I refrain from having a low-quality photo?

If you want to refrain from having a low-quality photo, you must remember always to have a good start in taking raw pictures. Below are the essential tips your can follow. First, make sure your camera is stable to avoid shaky captures. Then, check the lighting, for it contributes a lot to produce a better photo display. Next, select an excellent camera. If you cannot avoid low lighting, use beautiful effects or filters.


Indeed, you cannot avoid capturing low-quality of pictures. It is why you need to know how to fix the picture quality by all means. On the other hand, AVAide Image Upscaler lets you have a more accessible and quicker procedure for fixing your photos. So, if you are looking for a photo editing tool to fill the absence of Photoshop, choose this powerful online solution!

By Jane Pineda on Aug 08, 2022

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