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If you are thinking of transforming your photos and making them more likable, then you should do it with the help of a robust solution. There are thousands of reasons for you to make a photo HD. You might want to do it to follow the trend or perhaps for you to have a perfect post on your social media account. Regardless of the reason, one thing is sure: enhancing your photo will help you preserve it and its content. Therefore, to give you a helping hand on this, we gathered five of the best solutions together with their own methods that you could use for your online platform.

Part 1. 5 Best Online Solutions to Make a Photo HD

1. AVAide Image Upscaler

If you want to know the best way to make your picture HD, you must know and take heed to the AVAide Image Upscaler. If we are to describe what this online photo editor can do, it is nothing but perfect. Yes, this AVAide Image Upscaler cannot only turn your photos into HD, but it can also make them perfect by unblurring, removing noise, and enlarging them without affecting their quality. Take note that you can do all of those tasks in just a single click due to the powerful artificial intelligence technology this excellent photo enhancer uses. And imagine that despite those tremendous assets it contains, it gives them all for free! Yes, you read it right. This picture HD photo enhancer generously gives its excellent service free of fee, free of ads, and free of watermark as well.

What else? This free online image enhancer also conducts its purpose for the photos with 3000x3000 px and can enlarge them up to 8 times their original scale. Meanwhile, to show you how you can work with your photos using AVAide Image Upscaler, here are the comprehensive guidelines you can rely on.

Step 1To start, open your browser and head to the main site of the tool. Once you get in there, hit the Choose a Photo tab you see at the center to upload your photo.

AVAide Upload

Step 2This is how to make an image HD effortlessly. Once you finish uploading the photo, the tool will immediately show you the enhanced version. Please take note that it is already upscaled twice the size of the original one. You can compare the original and the enhanced photo, and if you want to upscale it more, go to the Magnification selection and click your preferred size.

AVAide Magnification

Step 3Then, you can already save to download your new HD photo by clicking the Save button. Otherwise, hit the New Image selection to work for another photo.

Save AVAide

2. OnlineJPGTools

Next on the list is another free online JPG photo editor, OnlineJPGtools. It is a tool that converts, crops, resizes, adds images, and improves the photo quality instantly. In addition, OnlineJPGTools also gives free service to users as long as they have strong internet. See its procedure on how to make a photo look more HD with the simple steps below.

What else? This free online image enhancer also conducts its purpose for the photos with 3000x3000 px and can enlarge them up to 8 times their original scale. Meanwhile, to show you how you can work with your photos using AVAide Image Upscaler, here are the comprehensive guidelines you can rely on.

Step 1Open your browser and type in the tool link on the address bar.

Step 2Then, immediately import your photo by clicking the interface under the Original JPG selection.

OnlineJPG Import

Step 3Once uploaded, hit the Save As selection under the New Quality section. After that, click the Download button to acquire the new file.

OnlineJPG Save

3. FixPicture

FixPicture is a picture editor that supports almost all popular picture formats. Just like the previous ones, FixPicture contains an easy-to-understand interface but with an additional twist. Here, you will be given choices for the kind of picture quality you want, like good, better, or best. However, this free online tool only allows fixing photos up to 3MB in size and contains ads. Hence to make your photo HD, here are the steps for you.

Step 1Head to the tool’s official website. Click the BROWSE tab and pick the photo that you need to transform.

Step 2Once the photo is uploaded, decide what format and quality you want your output to have.

Step 3Then, hit the CONVERT button to transform and, at the same time, download your output.

Fix Picture

4. Online-Convert

Another excellent photo converter website on the list is this Online-Convert. It is a full-pack photo editor containing all the essential tools you need to enhance your photos. It also supports various image formats, including TIFF, PNG, JPG, SVG, and BMP. Despite that, it gives users the privilege to use it for free, with a limited file size of 100MB. Learn how to make an image HD with Online-Convert.

Step 1Head to its high dynamic range or HDR website. Then, upload your photo by clicking the Choose File button at the center.

Online-Convert Upload

Step 2Set your image to your preference, but to make it HD, you must set the DPI to 720p and up.

Step 3After that, you can already click the START button to begin the conversion process. Please wait for it to finish and download the output after.

Online-Convert Set Save


ACONVERT.com is a converter that works not only on images but on audio, archive, Ebook, and documents. It enables users to convert their photos to JPG, DDS, GIF, EPS, and PNG. Moreover, it can also crop, compress, rotate, and merge your photos. Just like the previous free online tools, ACONVERT.com also limits the file upload of users to up to 200MB. How to make a photo look more HD using this tool? See the steps below.

Step 1Upon reaching its site, you must ensure that you will work with its Image converter. And then, hit the Choose Files tab for you to import the photo.

Step 2Adjust to meet your Target Format. Then, set the Image Quality to your need.

Step 3After that, click the CONVERT NOW tab and wait for the conversion process to finish.

Picture Left Picture Right

Video Converter IconAVAide Video Converter

The most comprehensive media converter to convert video & audio & DVD without quality loss.

Part 2. FAQs regarding Making a Photo HD

How do you identify the HD photo?

A photo with HD quality has increased pixels up to 720 to 1080p. Compared to a non-HD image, the HD has a larger, crisper, and wider image display. To convert low-resolution images to high-resolution online, click here to learn more details.

How to make a photo HD on Android?

Android phones usually don’t have a built-in tool for this. Therefore, you will need a third-party app for the task. However, if you opt not to install an app, you should access the AVAide Image Upscaler on your Android browser instead.

Can I reduce the quality of the HD photo?

Yes. One of the ways to lower the quality of photos is by compressing them or reducing their sizes.


There you have it, the three best image quality reducers for you. Those tools can help you free the space of your device while keeping them still; hence if you need an excellent tool to bring back your photos’ good quality and make images bigger, use the AVAide Image Upscaler.

By Jane Pineda on Aug 08, 2022

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