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If you want to know the different ways to resize an image, then you just got to the right place. This article has been written to help someone like you who wants to have various choices for the task to take place. We understand that many don’t like the idea of acquiring different software. This is why we will add the ones that your devices directly have and those that will surely help you on the task. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get the most exciting part started!

Part 1. The Best Way to Resize Image Online

AVAide Image Upscaler is the best solution to achieve a perfect output with lossless quality. It is an all-out photo resizer, enhancer, enlarger, and upscaling tool that works instantly with just one click. AVAide Image Upscaler works with the help an artificial intelligence technology, which is why it gets to beautify and enhance the photo quickly. In addition to that, this free online photo editor allows a simultaneous enhancement of various photos so that you can work on your images one after the other unlimitedly. One of the good things about this online solution is its ability to produce high-quality outputs. Imagine? Part of its technique to resize images online is its ability to unblur and reduce the noise of a photo without a watermark! Therefore, to test its capability, you can follow the instruction below.

Step 1Get into the official website and directly hit the Choose a Photo tab. By doing this, the tool will immediately enable you to upload the photo that you need to resize. Please note that you won’t need to register or sign-up to start the task.

Online Upload

Step 2After importing the photo, it will show you its main interface in a window. There, you will see the preview of the original and enhanced photos. Now, to resize the image without losing quality, go to the Magnification selection and pick the correct size.

Online Magnification

Step 3After that, you can re-check the final output’s size under the preview. Then, hit the Save button when you have reached your desired size. Right after clicking Save, the tool will download the resized photo immediately.

Online Save

Part 2. How to Resize Images on Mac

If just in case, you are in a situation where you can’t access the internet for some reason, then you should see the ways you can use your Mac.

1. Preview

Preview is one of Mac’s built-in programs that purposely work as an image and PDF viewer of the device. Furthermore, this software also works with basic editing features, including photo resizing. It can manipulate your images and PDF files within a standalone impression. So to see how this happens, the following steps are on how to resize an image on Mac’s Preview.

Step 1Go to your Finder, and look for the Preview in the Applications. Launch the software and your photo as well. Now go to the Tools and choose the Adjust Size selection.

Preview Tools

Step 2After that, it will open a new window, and it is the window where you can manually adjust the size of the image. Now work to adapt your preferred width and height with the resolution and pixels of the photo. Then, click the OK button to apply the changes.

Preview Resize

2. Pages

Pages is a downloadable word processor that also works great in editing photos. However, unlike Preview, you need to acquire the Pages to your Mac before using it. If you already have it, take time to see and follow the steps to change the picture size below.

Step 1Launch the software, and start by clicking the Create button at the right bottom-most part of the interface. Then, on the next window showing a blank page, hit the Media button to upload your photo.

Page Upload

Step 2After that, go to the Arrange option and start adjusting the Size of the image. Feel free to change the additional navigation and save the photo afterward.

Page Resize Image

Part 3. How to Resize Images on Windows

1. Photos

This built-in viewer Photos App is moving on to the Windows programs. This program contains the essential features and editing tools that can help you obtain a greatly enhanced photo. In fact, users of this tool can add 3D effects and animated texts and can even create a video with music for you. Therefore, for you to learn how to resize low-resolution pictures in Photos App, see the steps below.

Step 1Launch the Photos app and look for your photo file there. Click your photo and the ellipsis above the picture to select the Resize selection.

Photos Resize

Step 2After that, a new window will appear. From there, you just have to click the Define custom dimensions option. On the next window, type in your desired size and adjust the quality as well. After reaching your preference, click the Save resized copy button.

Photos Save

2. Paint

Paint is another built-in software on Windows that is being loved by many because of the beautiful stencils and elements it has. As its name suggests, Paint is basically for drawing and painting, and its tools show that. However, those tools are also being used for enhancing photos. Hence, to resize your image, here are the things you need to do.

Step 1Open the Paint, go to File, and select Open to import your photo.

Paint Open

Step 2Once you have the photo in, go and hit the Resize selection. Then, on the popped-up window, toggle the Pixels to see the resize adjustment selection. Now enter your preferred sizes you want, then hit the OK button.

Paint Resize

3. Photoshop

Photoshop is a popular photo editing software for Windows. But no, it is not built-in as the other first two software. In fact, you will need to exert effort and time to obtain it. But the good thing about it is that it contains every tool you need to fix, modify, and enhance your photos. You can also increase image resolution in Photoshop. It is undoubtedly one of the best, but others don’t appreciate it that much due to its challenging procedure. Thus, we bring you the simplified guidelines on resizing images without losing quality in Photoshop.

Step 1Open the Photoshop on your desktop, and upload your photo. Then go to Image > Image size.

Photoshop Image Size

Step 2Now on the image size window, start adjusting the Dimension, which you need to make sure that it is the Pixels chosen. After that, begin changing the Width and Height of the file, and hit the OK tab to apply.

Photoshop Ok

Part 4. How to Resize Image on iPhone and Android

Now, if you opt to use a third-party app for your Android or iPhone to do the task, then the Image Size app is what we highly recommend. This app lets users resize, convert, and crop their photos manually. In addition, you can acquire it for free and enjoy its other features. However, just like others, Image Size cannot guarantee you an ad-free experience.

Step 1Download and install the app, and launch it after. Then, tap the photo icon on the main interface to upload the file.

Image Size App

Step 2Once your photo is in, manually enter your preferred height and width. Then, tap the Arrow down button to download the resized image.

Picture Left Picture Right

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Part 5. FAQs about Resizing Image

Will I have the same quality if I resize my photo on Paint?

Resizing the photo in a much larger size on Paint will lead to pixelated images.

Can I resize my picture on my Android without a third-party tool?

No. The photos app on Android cannot resize the image unless you want to crop it.

Can I turn my JPEG photo to GIF after resizing it on Paint?

Yes. You can save your resized photo to GIF, PNG, and BMP using Paint.


There you have it, the best and most practical ways to resize images online, on Mac, Windows, and on mobile. We hope you find this post helpful, as it showed you the easiest ways you can do the task. All the methods are indeed great. However, for better convenience and a much more potency solution, use the AVAide Image Upscaler!

By Jane Pineda on Aug 08, 2022

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