AVAide Blu-ray Player - A Full Pack Player for You

  • Flexible in playing Blu-rays and DVDs with 4K quality.
  • Support a significant number of different video formats.
  • Support Dolby Digital and DTS sound quality.
  • Infused with advanced technology such as Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA.
Open Interface Play Interface Deinterlace Feature

As you see the need to have a Blu-ray player, you must also understand the expense of keeping it. Many of us probably will be content with software as long as it gives us the service we need or as long as the player gives us an excellent visual and audio display that we expect from the Blu-ray copy. On the contrary, little that you know, you can both have a player that can give you great features even at the gratis expense. Thus, in today’s write-up, we will present eight incredible free Blu-ray players and their details that will show their strengths and weaknesses to help you discern the right one for you.

Part 1. 8 Great Free-to-Use Blu-ray Player Software

1. AVAide Blu-ray Player

Open Interface

AVaide Blu-ray Player is one of the most trusted media players today. As its name suggests, this software has everything to boast about regarding Blu-rays. Actually, it can also be a good choice for playing DVDs aside from Blu-ray discs, ISO files, audio, and videos. In addition, this free Blu-ray player software gives users the privilege to store multiple movies as part of their track, so they can enjoy their movie marathon without disturbing them. Despite that, we can’t also deny the fact that this fantastic Blu-ray player is one of the most flexible because, aside from supporting different OS, it also supports a wide range of video formats.

Platform: Windows and Mac

[pros-cons-1 pros-1=”It is easy-to-use software.” pros-2=”Play your Blu-ray as if you are watching in Cinema.” pros-3=”It allows you to adjust the display effects.” pros-4=”It has the most flexible playback controls.” pros-5=”Allow users to capture exciting moments through screenshots.” pros-6=”It’s a free Blu-ray and DVD player for Windows and Mac.” cons-1=”The free trial is enough, but the premium account is much better.” /]
AVAide Blu-ray Player – The Ultimate Multimedia Player
  • The most powerful yet practical software in town.
  • Play any format of video.
  • It lets you enjoy 720p, 1080p, and 4K videos.
  • Play, pause, stop, fast forward, and rewind your blu-ray easily.

2. VLC


VLC is a media player that is popular for being an open-source program. This also means that users can use it for free in totality. Despite that, it is also capable of playing Blu-rays disc. However, it will require you to do a timely procedure before reaching the point of having a trouble-free playback on Blu-rays. Nevertheless, it's one of the free video players for the 5K and 4K Blu-ray movies you are looking for. Here is how to play Blu-ray using VLC.

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

[pros-cons-1 pros-1=”It’s flexible.” pros-2=”It supports a wide variety of formats.” pros-3=”It provides many features, especially on a computer platform.” pros-4=”Able to play high-resolution movies.” cons-1=”With a complex procedure for playing Blu-rays.” cons-2=”It’s lagging at times.” /]

3. 5K Player

K Player

This 5K Player has what it takes to be one of the best Blu-ray players. Obviously, by looking at its name, it discerns how it works well with 5K or even 8K videos. And yes, it indeed allows this high-resolution video of a Blu-ray to be enjoyed by the users of this free video player for 5k 4k blu ray movies.

Platform: Windows and Mac

[pros-cons-1 pros-1=”Support higher video qualities.” pros-2=”With broader support for different multimedia formats.” pros-3=”It provides a video downloader online.” cons-1=”With playback issue on 8K videos.” cons-2=”It is sometimes crashing.” /]

4. UMPlayer


This UMPlayer is a cross-platform software that gives a free service in playing videos, including ones on Blu-ray. Aside from supporting ISO and disc of Blu-ray, it also plays videos from CDs, online DVDs, TVs, and even audio from radio channels. Moreover, it allows users to create and save their playlists while loading subtitles and changing the interface's appearance.

Platform: Windows and Web

[pros-cons-1 pros-1=”Broad support on various formats.” pros-2=”It plays online videos directly.” pros-3=”With a professional-like interface.” pros-4=”A free Blu-ray player with fascinating features.” cons-1=”You need a strong internet for the online videos.” cons-2=”It is sometimes closed for no reason.” /]

5. HandBrake


HandBrake is one of the free software that works with an additional purpose. If you don't know, HandBrake has also been utilized to convert video files, aside from being a famous media player. You can trust that your Blu-rays can be played nicely without worrying about the license.

Platform: Windows, Mac, and Linux

[pros-cons-1 pros-1=”It is a multifunctional tool.” pros-2=”It comes with various video filters.” pros-3=”Infused with great options such as subtitles.” cons-1=”It supports fewer video formats.” cons-2=”Free blu-ray player on Windows 10 with 64-bit only.” cons-3=”It lags when in use.” /]

6. Blu-ray Master

Blu-ray Master

Blu-ray Master is one of the best for Blu-rays, for it plays all of its kinds. Just like the others, this software provides a theater-like experience when watching a movie. Do you want to see the subtitle on the screen? This Blu-ray Master got your back, for it offers excellent options for subtitles and other features that make this player eminent.

Platform: Windows and Mac

[pros-cons-1 pros-1=”It plays Blu-ray movies smoothly.” pros-2=”With a wide range of support on various formats.” pros-3=”Playback in HD quality.” cons-1=”It only supports up to 1080p videos.” cons-2=”A bit challenging to install.” /]

7. VideoSolo Blu-ray Player


Let's move on to a player that supports 4K videos, the VideoSolo Blu-ray Player. Aside from that, this free Blu-ray player for Windows 10 and Mac performs within a fast phased procedure without requiring a high CPU. This means smooth navigation is what you can expect then.

Platform: Windows and Mac

[pros-cons-1 pros-1=”It plays Blu-ray BDM and ISO files smoothly.” pros-2=”With a cinematic sound and image display.” pros-3=”It has an easy-to-control interface.” pros-4=”It supports various files.” cons-1=”Its free trial period is limited.” /]

8. Aun Player

Aun Player

Last on the list is this Aun Player, which is free software applicable only on Windows. This player can play commercial and unprotected Blu-rays without requiring any penny. Aside from that, it also comes with basic options such as chapters, audio tracks, subtitles, and options to customize the screen size. However, this free Blu-ray player is limited to Mac.

Platform: Windows

[pros-cons-1 pros-1=”It has a straightforward interface.” pros-2=”It supports easy navigation and procedure.” cons-1=”It supports only the dated Blu-rays.” cons-2=”It is sometimes lagging while on the play.” /]

Part 2. FAQs about Blu-ray Players

Does Linux support the AVAide Blu-ray Player?

Yes. AVAide Blu-ray Player and the other products of AVAide support the Linux OS.

Why is my VLC can't play 4K videos?

You might have the older version of VLC. Only the 3.0 and up version can support the 4K videos.

Are there Blu-rays with 8K resolution?

There are no 8K Blu-rays yet. We’ll see in the future.


It is advantageous having a free blu-ray player. It would be best to always be vigilant in choosing one to use. But, as you see eight marvelous software that you can acquire for free, you can assure that any of them is worth picking. However, we still highly recommend the AVAide Blu-ray Player, and rest assured that you won't look for another anymore.

By Sylvie Hyde on Aug 12, 2022

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