Most of the file formats have some compatibility issues, so it’s normal to experience some. An example is this AMR file, this format was purposely made for speech recordings on smartphones. On the other hand, an AMR file is not widely supported by other devices and media players as well. If you are one of the people who wish to play their AMR files on their devices, then choose to convert them into a widely supported format like M4A. This post will help you do the job easier by using the right AMR to M4A converter that this article will introduce.

Part 1. How to Convert AMR to M4A with the Best Desktop Software

Let us start by learning the best software today. AVAide Video Converter is the desktop converter tool that everybody loves due to the wonderful features it offers. Furthermore, AVAide’s expertise is not only limited to videos but also in transforming and enhancing audio files. With this tool, you are allowed to trim, merge, and split the audio file. The said features can all be enjoyed with both Mac and Windows OS, whether an expert or not, you will surely navigate easily its facile and neat interface.

What’s more, it supports more than 300 plus file formats to assist your conversion needs widely. Unlike the common software, AVAide Video Converter holds an acceleration technology that works 30x faster in conversion. Convert AMR to M4A in bulk using the guidelines below.

Step 1Download and Install the Software

Free download this software and install it to your PC. You can click the download button below to easily acquire it.

Step 2Import the AMR Files

Open the software and start uploading by dragging and dropping the AMR files to the interface Alternatively, you can click the Add Files button located on the left upper part, then choose whether to add files or a folder.

AMR M4A Upload File

Step 3Preset The Files To M4A

Hit the Convert All To tab on the right upper part of the interface, then choose the M4A among the listed audio formats, then click your chosen quality.

AMR M4A Set File

Step 4Convert AMR to M4A

Begin the conversion process by clicking the Convert All red button at the right bottom-most of the interface. Be amazed at how swift the conversion process is with this software.

AMR M4A Convert File

Note: After the conversion process, you may check the completed file on the Converted tab. Otherwise, they are automatically saved on your computer.

Part 2. How to Convert AMR to M4A Online

As the other option, utilizing the 3 of the best online converters today would be exciting. Don’t hesitate to use online converters, because the featured tools here were gathered as the safest and most reliable ones. Let us all learn how to utilize them by the data below.

How to Convert AMR to M4A with AVAide Free Video Converter

When it comes to reliability, AVAide Free Video Converter is the most favored online tool. Furthermore, it has high-security encryption that secures the users’ information and files to the max. Convert your files in an instant with its bulk conversion feature. Besides the smooth navigation due to no ads bugging, there is also no watermark on every output you make. So let’s not delay the steps on how to convert AMR to M4A.

Step 1Visit the Web Page

Go to the AVAide Free Video Converter webpage Click the ADD YOUR FILES button and get the launcher at once. To do so, hit the Download button then the Open tab next, from the popped-up window.

AMR M4A Online File

Step 2Attach the AMR Files

Hit the ADD YOUR FILES button again to upload your initial AMR files. To add more files, click the Add File button located at the left uppermost part of the main interface.

AMR M4A Online Upload File

Step 3Set the Outputs to M4A Files

Click the Note image to reveal the audio formats. Click each file then and select the M4A from the audio formats of the interface. You may also optionally adjust the bitrate from the settings by clicking the Setting icon.

AMR M4A Online Set File

Step 4Start The Conversion

Click the Convert button on the right bottom-most part of the interface. Before the conversion process starts, you will need to select a file destination for the converted files. Choose from your local file storage which you can check right after the conversion process.

AMR M4A Online Convert File

Utilize CloudConvert

If you seek a flexible online converter tool, Cloudconvert is one of those you need. Aside from video and audio, this tool is also reliable in transforming documents, images, fonts, and etc. Moreover, this AMR to M4A converter supports more than 200 formats including AMR, M4A, MP3, and WMA. Use it with the simple steps below.

Step 1Add the AMR File

Go to its official website and click the Select File to attach an AMR file right away.

Step 2Set the File to M4A

Hit the Convert To button, then choose the M4A from the audio list.

Step 3Start Converting

Start the conversion process by clicking the Convert button. Wait for the process to finish, then download the converted file.


Convert Using ZamZar

Besides CloudConvert, we also include ZamZar as one of the web-based tools reliable to convert AMR to M4A. By dragging and dropping your selected AMR files, you can easily convert them to M4A with the 3 simple steps below.

Step 1Upload the AMR Files

Drag and drop AMR files on the webpage. Make sure that you only upload files not more than 50MB in size. Otherwise, the free conversion won’t be granted.

Step 2Preset the Files to M4A

Click the Convert To button then select M4A.

Step 3Start Converting

Hit the Convert Now button to start the process. Download the converted file after.

AMR M4A Zamzar File

Part 3. AMR vs M4A

To have a better understanding of AMR and M4A, we have prepared a table below indicating the advantages and disadvantages of the two. Through this, you can easily decide whether you convert AMR to M4A or not.

File Name AMR M4A
Description AMR stands for Adaptive Multi-Rate, it is an audio format with a compressed speech coding file made for smartphones. M4A or MPEG-4 Audio is a file format used in keeping data of audio on computer devices. Also, this file extension is encoded with AAC making it high in quality.
Advantages With a huge compression and being used to reduce bandwidth usage on a mobile phone. 1. It can be edited and transferred due to having no protection from digital rights.
2. It has a huge compression, obtaining good quality audio.
3. It has wider suitability on devices compared with AMR.
Disadvantages With a limited range of compatibility. It is not being supported by most of the media players and common devices. Some compression tends to be lossy.

Part 4. FAQs on AMR and M4A

What media player supports M4A files?

Multiple media players support M4A files such as Apple players, VLC, Windows Media Player, Adobe Audition, and more.

Are M4A and MP4 the same?

M4A is most likely to be similar to MP4. The only difference is that M4A holds only audio files.

Is it safe to say that M4A is better than Mp3?

Yes, Actually when it comes to quality, M4a beats the Mp3.


There are numerous solutions to offer, hence, the provided tools above are the most reliable for your AMR to M4A task. We urge you to utilize them and see for yourself their additional amazing features to help you obtain excellent outputs

By Sylvie Hyde on Dec 28, 2021

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