This article will reveal the most beautiful way to create a movie besides the movie maker apps for your iPhone. We know Apple products, most especially the iPhones, are being sought-after by multitudes of users. We also can't deny how technology touches the lives of people, the entertainment, for instance, in which others use for a profit, by creating and uploading video content even about their personal lives just to earn.

Moving forward, if you own an iPhone and want to be part of the multimedia sensation, start creating your life-changing video content now! However, we don't want you just to use a substandard video editing tool for a start. In fact, we were hoping you could adapt the most reliable and versatile movie maker app for the iPhone that will train you in becoming a pro!

Part 1. The Ultimate Movie Maker to Make Movies for iPhones

The ultimate movie maker that will bring you perfect movies for your iPhone is non-other than the AVAide Video Converter. This desktop software can meet the standard of both beginners and professionals. Beginners will love how facile and straightforward this iPhone movie maker is, and the professionals will be in awe of its powerful and beautiful features. It is one of the most versatile tools when it comes to beautifying video and audio files. This is why we are really confident that the AVAide Video Converter will give you the best experience!

AVAide Video Converter- The Most Versatile Movie Maker of All Time
  • It's the greatest video converter into more than 300 various formats.
  • It can transform your videos and photos into a perfect movie in an instant.
  • Tons of video enhancers you can use.
  • It allows users to create wonderful video collages.
  • The best movie maker app for iPhone with the best themes, filters, and effects.
  • Will secure your device with its hardware acceleration.
  • It can get your newly edited videos directly to your social media easily.

How to Create a Movie for iPhone

This part will guide you on the proper utilization of the AVAide Video Converter in creating a movie for your iPhone. To get straight to the steps, free to download and install the software on your Windows, Mac, or Linux OS device, then launch it.

Step 1Upload the Files

When you open the tool, initially explore the entire interface of this movie maker app for iPhone. Subsequently, go to its MV feature located at the top part of the interface. Upload your files by hitting the Add tab or the Plus sign at the bottom part.

Make Movie On iPhone Add

Step 2Choose a Theme

Once you have all the files on the tool, it's time for you to choose a theme. The themes available on this tool will bring your movie to life.

Make Movie On iPhone Theme

Step 3Add Effects

To beautify your movie, take time to add some filters and effects. To do so, click the Edit tab from the editing tools on the top of the uploaded files. On the next interface, go to Effect & Filter, then navigate the presets of the best movie maker app for iPhone according to your preference. Make sure to click the Apply to All tab, then the OK button.

Make Movie On iPhone Effect

Step 4Add Music

You may also add music to the movie. Go to the Settings and navigate on the Audio Track and make sure to tick only the Background Music, then add your music by clicking the Plus button to add the track.

Make Movie On iPhone Add Music

Step 5Export the Movie

Finally, go to the Export portion to save the newly made movie. Please ensure that the Formats you will use for your output are MP4 and the MOV only since we used this movie maker app for iPhone. Then, hit the Start Export, wait for the process then check your folder.

Make Movie On iPhone Export

Part 2. 2 Ways on How to Make a Movie with Pictures and Music on iPhone

1. Create a Movie Using the Photos App

One of the apps you can use to make a movie on your iPhone is the Photo app. This gallery application can turn your pictures and videos into a movie via a slideshow. In addition, this application will enable you to add your music track and themes to beautify your film somehow.

However, don't expect simultaneous editing tools will come your way while using this nonlinear iPhone movie maker app, for it has very limited ones. In fact, you will only be given three options. Nevertheless, it is still a good tool for a start. Therefore, let us see the guideline below, the simple steps to get your simple movie on hand.

Step 1Select the Files

Launch the Photo app on your phone and start selecting the files you want to include in your movie. Then, click the Upload icon to see the rest of the options.

Make Movie On iPhone Photos Step One

Step 2Start the Slideshow

On the next screen, scroll up and click the Slideshow. Immediately, your movie from the collaged files will play. Click the Options located on the right bottom most of the screen of this movie maker app for iPhone to see the Slideshow Options. Choose then, among the Themes and Music you want for your movie, then hit Done.

Make Movie On iPhone Step Two

2. Make a Movie With the Iconic iMovie

Don't miss acquiring the iMovie for your iPhone. This iconic video editing tool has become the resort of the iPhone, Mac, and iPad users when creating a movie. Furthermore, it has been tested to be one of the most powerful tools and one of the professionals' choices when it comes to video editing. It holds multiple presets, tools, and features on its Mac OS version, but it seems like its iPhone version calls the other way around. In fact, this movie maker app for iPhone only gives the users setting options such as the filter, theme, theme soundtrack, fade in from black, fade out to the black, and speed change pitch option.

However, the mobile version gives much easier navigation, unlike the one on Mac. For this reason, a lot of users find the iMovie arduous to use and therefore conclude that it is not quite suitable for beginners. Luckily, we will be using its mobile version today, and the guidelines below will help you grasp it easily.

Step 1Start a New Project

Make Movie On iPhone iMovie One

Step 2Optimize the Movie

Click the cog-gear-widget, which indicates the settings at the bottom right corner of the screen. Select your preferred filter and theme on the next page, and adjust the other presets to your preference. Then hit Done.

Make Movie On iPhone iMovie One

Step 3Add Audio

You can still choose to add your own music. To do so, hit the Plus icon from the main screen, then click Audio. Soundtrack, music, and sound effects will be your choices then. Finally, click Done to save your movie from this movie maker app for iPhone. Subsequently, check the movie as one of your projects.

Make Movie On iPhone iMovie Three

Part 3. FAQs About Making Movies on iPhones

Will I still have the same quality of movie from the original clips?

Yes. This is tried and tested with the AVAide Video Converter. The high qualities of the video clips and photos used in creating a movie will be acquired. In fact, even if you use low qualities, this video editing tool can enhance them into an amazing one.

Where can I locate my newly created movie in Photos?

The Photos app on iPhone saves your movie directly within its gallery. Therefore, if you experience difficulty in locating the movie, try to restart your phone.

How to make a movie from pictures on an iPhone?

For you to create a movie from your pictures, you still have to use the Photos App or a third-party tool like the iMovie.


There you go, the different video editing tools you can use to create your movies for iPhone. We expect you to practice the learnings you gained from this article. Also, we expect you to download and install the most reliable tool to use, which is the AVAide Video Converter. Start making your life-changing video today!

By Sylvie Hyde on Nov 07, 2022

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