HD Movie Maker Pro has been one of the well-known video editing tools and moviemakers these past years. This is probably the reason why it was labeled an ultimate one. Well, we cannot argue with that, for it has wonderful tools that make the users fond of it, imagine a video editing tool that can be navigated by users of all ages. And so, if you are a beginner, and looking for a tool, to begin with, you would probably go for this software. However, is this movie maker really worth the try? Especially during this season when almost all of the people we have known around the globe have turned into video content making, for their living.

As a moviemaker/HD video creator, you better go for a tool that will go beyond your expectations. Therefore, let us all see based on the honest review below, if this HD Movie Maker can be a good choice for you.

Part 1. The HD Movie Maker Pro Review

The HD Movie Maker Pro is one of the top-selling apps on the Microsoft Store. It is software that works to make movies using photos, music, and videos, and a great one to use in editing videos. In fact, it offers multiple video editing tools that function to split, trim, stabilize, record screens, add visual effects, texts, voiceovers, and more. For this reason, many have fallen in love with the versatility and potency of this tool. However, This HD movie maker only caters to a few devices. It only caters to Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher desktops.

HD Movie Maker Pro Pict

Price: $14.99


◆ It supports 4K Videos and 60fps.

◆ Offer multiple video editing tools such as crop, convert, rotate, split, trim, and overlay.

◆ It comes with beautiful filters.

◆ It offers a green screen video effect.

◆ It comes with a DVD burner.

◆ It comes with a screen recorder.

It supports multiple media formats.
It enables you to stabilize the video.
It is workable for all ages.
For Windows 10 devices only.
No homemade DVD Ripper.
It doesn't have 3D, GIF, and Collage makers.

Part 2. The Ultimate HD Movie Maker Pro Alternative

As you see the HD movie maker pro review and want the software that will give you higher quality outputs within the great flexibility, the AVAide Video Converter is the one you must obtain. This incredible software extends its potency from Windows-based devices to Mac and Linux OS. Furthermore, it contains features and tools that you will need in beautifying your videos, such as the enhancer, trimmer, cropper, splitter, compressor, merger, rotator, stabilizer, scaler, and more! Not to mention the great features that everyone is enjoying and the security technologies it gives to the users just to have meaningful and extraordinary experiences in making HD movies/videos!

It supports a wide variety of input and output formats.
It comes with a very convenient interface.
Workable on Mac, Linux, and Windows.
It's free to download.
It stabilizes videos.
It reduces the noise in a video.
Without DVD burner.
Have a Blast in Creating Movies With AVAide Video Converter
  • The best HD movie maker.
  • Make with the help of thousands of video editing tools.
  • Enjoy the beautiful features it has.
  • Create movies with more than 300 video formats.
  • Safeguard your device with its hardware acceleration.
  • Use wonderful effects and themes in your movies.
  • Add your music tracks to every movie you make!

Bonus: How to Make a Movie with AVAide Video Converter Efficiently

Step 1Acquire the Video Maker

Download the best movie maker by clicking the download button above and installing the tool on your device.

Step 2Upload the Files

Launch the tool after the fast installation. Upon reaching the main interface, go to the MV portion, which you will find among the other features on the center top of the interface. Then, click the Add button or the Plus sign at the bottom part of this HD movie maker to add photos and video clips for your movie.

HD Movie Maker Pro AVAide Add

Step 3Apply Filters and Watermark

This time, you can beautify your files by clicking the Edit button. On the new window, choose among the editing options on the center top of the interface, where you can crop, rotate, apply filters, effect, add watermark, and audio.

Step 3Personalize the Movie

This time, you can click the Edit button from the editing tools to adjust and personalize the watermark and filters.

3.1. Customize Watermark - Go to the Watermark portion, then toggle whether the Image or the Text, whichever you want to put on your movie, as a logo. Let's go for the image, upload a picture by clicking the Plus sign, then resize and adjust the Opacity, and apply it by hitting Apply to All, then OK on this HD movie maker.

HD Movie Mkae Pro AVAide Watermark

3.2. Apply Filters - Click Edit again, and move to Effect & Filter. From the interface, adjust the basic effect, then choose among the hundreds of filters. Then, click Apply to All, and OK after.

HD Movie Maker Pro Filter

Step 4Add Soundtrack

To add your soundtrack aside from the music provided by the theme, and you go to the Setting. Choose then whether to keep the original audio track or apply new background music. Then, select the style of how you want to add the music.

HD Movie Maker Pro Setting

Step 5Export the Project

Finally, go and free download the HD movie from this maker by going to the Export portion. But before that, you can customize the format, resolution, frame rate, quality, and destination folder of the movie. Subsequently, hit the Start Export tab.

HD Movie Maker Pro Export

Part 3. Questions Frequently Asked About HD Movie Maker Pro and the Alternative

Can I make a movie from the videos and photos on my DVD?

Yes. The AVAide Video Converter will enable you to rip the media from the homemade DVD, and later on be used for making a movie.

What media formats does the HD Movie Maker Pro support?

The HD Movie Maker Pro supports all video and photo formats supported by Windows 10, such as the MP4, MOV, AVI, Mpeg, PNG, GIF, MP3, M4A, WAV, WMV, MKV, MPG, MTS, JPG. On the other hand, the AVAide Video Converter supports a much wider range of media formats, with around 400 inputs and outputs.

Does the Movie Maker Pro support an 8K video?

No. The software only supports up to 4K video resolution even on its newest version. Unlike the AVAide Video Converter, you can input and produce up to 8K videos, unlimitedly.


To conclude, based on the HD Movie Maker Pro reviews we gathered, the tool is indeed a great one. However, why stick to it if there is a much more powerful, wonderful, multifunctional tool like the AVAide Video Converter? Be wise and practical in acquiring a video editing tool. Choose the one that will give and help you generously! Choose AVAide!

By Sylvie Hyde on Mar 11, 2022

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