Having a problem playing the WMA music files to your iPad, iPod, and iPhone? Don't force yourself and just convert the said files into M4A. Why do we recommend M4A? Simply because this audio format is an Apple propriety that fits best on Apple devices. Therefore, transforming the WMA to M4A is just like matching your gadget with its significant other. Fortunately, this article will give you helpful insights about the WMA to M4A converters for Mac which are also best applicable on Windows.

Part 1. How to Convert WMA to M4A Utilizing the iTunes

Mac devices have their built-in iTunes. This makes it beneficial for them because they don't need to acquire a third-party tool to convert their files. Furthermore, iTunes is also a good choice for beginners especially in transforming files to M4A. However, if you wish to have wider support for file formats and enhancing features, this might not be enough. On the other hand, let us all see the simplified steps below on how to WMA to M4A on Mac.

Step 1Bring In the WMA File

Tap the File tab and look for the Import button to bring in the WMA file saved from your library.

Step 2Convert the File to M4A

Click the file, then hit the Convert button. Choose the Create ACC Version as the output, for this will give you an M4A converted file after.

WMA M4A iTunes Files

Part 2. Convert WMA to M4A On Windows

For a Windows-based desktop, the highest recommendation is this top-leading AVAide Video Converter. This software is being loved by many due to its versatility. In fact, it doesn't only limit to Windows, but Mac users can also enjoy it. Furthermore, it is a WMA to M4A software that gives all, when it comes to features that will help enhance output whether it is a video or an audio one.

The Amazing Features of AVAide Video Converter
  • Converts in batch
  • It caters up to 300+ file formats
  • Works with an acceleration technology (30x Faster)
  • Allows sharing the converted files directly to the social media platforms.
  • Movie Maker, video collage maker, 3D and GIF maker, DVD ripper.

How to Convert WMA to M4A With AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Download and Installation

Acquire the software to your PC by pushing the download button above.

Step 2Add the WMV Files

Launch the acquired software, then drag and drop all the WMA files directly to the interface. Otherwise, click the Add Files button then upload more files for bulk conversion.

WMA M4A Upload Files

Step 3Set to M4A Files

Set the uploaded WMA files to M4A. to do so, hit the Convert All To button then pick M4A from the formats under the audio. Don't forget to pick your preferred quality as well.

WMA M4A Set File
  • To enhance the audio, you may click the Star or the Scissors icon to edit or cut the file.
WMA M4A Files

Step 4Start Converting Files

When all are configured, hit the Convert All button to begin converting in bulk. Thereafter, the converted files may be seen when you click the Converted tab. Otherwise, locate them in the Local Disk>AVAide Studio>AVAide Video Converter>Converted.

WMA M4A Convert Files

Part 3. How to Convert WMA to M4A For Free

Convert WMA to M4A for free with the most reliable online solution. The AVAide Free Video Converter continues to give users the highest security technology in order to secure their files and information. Furthermore, it allows everyone to convert files massively without any watermark attached to the final outputs. Coherently execute the transformation without seeing any ads on-page. What's more, it is one of the online solutions with built-in settings without restrictions and confirms unlimited service. And so without any further adieu, see and follow the steps below.

Step 1Launcher Installation

Download and install the AVAide Free Video Converter launcher for your PC once. To do so, visit the website then tap the ADD YOUR FILES button, then from the popped-up window, click Download then click Open.

WMA M4A Online Files

Step 2Upload the WMA Files

To convert WMA to M4A online, import the WMA files by tapping the Add File button located on the upper left part of the interface. Maximize your conversion by adding as many files as you like.

WMA M4A Online Upload

Step 3Producing the M4A Files

To produce M4A files, you must set the uploaded WMA to M4A. Hit the Note icon, then pick from the audio format portion located on the lower part of the interface.

WMA M4A Online Set Files
  • Adjust the bitrate and other audio settings by clicking the Setting icon.

Step 4Start the Conversion

Click the Convert button to browse your local drive and to choose the destination of the converted files. Subsequently, the conversion process will start immediately after choosing. Wait for the process to finish, then check the chosen drive.

WMA M4A Online Convert Files

Part 4. WMA vs M4A

To foster the WMA to M4A conversion, it is better that you have enough understanding about the two files. In this part, you will discover the differences between WMA and M4A.

Developer and Description

M4A or MPEG-4 Audio is an audio file developed by Apple. It contains advanced coding and was considered next to MP3. Nevertheless, many attested the M4A gives more favored quality-wise.

While Windows Media Audio or WMA is a Microsoft proprietary, which is labeled to be the similar program of MP3.

Quality and Compression

Both of them have a good sound quality and contain a lossy compression. However, there are other versions of both that contain lossless compression.


WMA is most compatible with most Windows-based programs. In line with this, the range of compatibility restricts to mobile phones especially Androids. M4A on the other hand is most compatible with the Apple media players together with the Windows Media Player, mobile phones, and iPhones.

Part 5. FAQs WMA and M4A Conversion

How to convert WMA to M4A in iTunes on my Windows 10 desktop?

If you are using a Windows 10 computer, you may want to try the iTunes Windows version. However, as mentioned in this article, the AVAide Video Converter is the best converter that suits the Windows-based desktop.

Can I also get the same features of the AVAide Video Converter if I convert WMA to M4A on Mac?

Absolutely. This flexible software works best for both Windows, Mac, and even on Linux OS.

Can I trim and merge my M4A files?

Sure thing. Those are the expertise of AVAide Video Converter.


Utilize file formats suitable to your device to lessen the trouble experienced when playing back. All of the gathered data in this article were tested, and compared with other popular ones. Therefore, they were featured to help you ease the converting WMA to M4A task. End your curiosity, and try their amazing features now.

By Sylvie Hyde on Nov 02, 2021

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