How to rotate a boomerang video on Android? Can I rotate a downloaded video on my smartphone gallery? Those are just a few sample questions we always get from the netizens. That is why, with this concern being raised, we have decided to give you this article. Also, through this post, you will be acquainted with the great solutions on this matter using your smartphone.

Part 1. 3 Ways on How to Rotate a Video on Android Efficiently

Nowadays, smartphones play a big role in everyone's lives, as it offers the means to do everything we need to do. Moving forward, by any means, there will be times when we unintentionally get a video in the wrong direction or have downloaded a clip with an unfit rotation. Luckily, the availability of video editing tools is always on, that is why we are giving you. By this part, the 3 best apps to answer how to rotate a video on an Android phone.

1. The Great Work of Google Photos

Google Photos is a pre-installed program for some Android phones. Furthermore, this app lets you edit, share, store, and view images and videos freely. Also, you can back up your file with this app and restore deleted pictures and videos easily, for it is one of the Google Suit parts application links to google account. Without any further adieu, let us have a glimpse of the simple steps provided below, on how to rotate a video.

Step 1Launch the Photos app on your Android phone. Find the video file that needs to be rotated, then click it.

Step 2Click the Edit tab on the screen, then go to the Crop settings. From there, hit the Rotate icon above the crop, tap it continually until you reach your desired angle. Then Finally click the Save button.

Rotatevid Android Photo

2. The Amazing Video Crop

Although Video Crop works great with cropping, trimming, and cutting video clips, it is also an ideal tool to rotate your videos here. Furthermore, this wonderful Android application doesn’t contain a watermark on any output it makes. Into the bargain, the Video Crop offers the users a wonderful feature to create movies and be shared with the most popular social media platforms today. Therefore, if you want to know how to rotate a video on Android for Instagram, have a glimpse at the steps below then.

Step 1Launch the tool once downloaded. Click the video you would like to rotate and share.

Step 2From the settings shown on the screen, click the Flip/Rotate button.

Step 3Tap the Right or Left rotation icon. And finally, save the file by hitting the Done tab located at the right upper-most part of the screen.

Rotatevid Android Vidcrop

3. Rotate your Video With VideoFlip

Lastly, we have VideoFlip. This amazing app from the play store made the video rotation and mirroring easily while keeping the original quality. Moving forward, simple steps are given below to guide you on how to rotate a video on an android phone.

Step 1Open the installed app, then click on your video file to rotate.

Step 2Start adjusting the angle of the video by clicking the Rotation Buttons, whether to rotate right or rotate left.

Step 3Save the rotated video file by clicking the Save icon on the right top-most part of the screen. Choose then between Full or Quick saving options. Wait for the saving process to finish, then check the modified file in your gallery.

Rotatevid Android Vidflip

Part 2. How to Rotate a Video on Windows and Mac the Professional Way

Doing such a task on the desktop will look to be more professional with the AVAide Video Converter. To boot, this amazing software obtained the highest rating when it comes to converting files into different types of formats perfectly. All its users utilize it with awe, as they go through the powerful and multifunctional features and tools it has. You can also use it to edit video metadata easily. In addition, every video editing and rotation done by this awesome program is acknowledged by professionals due to being flawlessly made. On the other hand, detailed steps below are provided to guide you accordingly in rotating a video.

AVAide Video Converter - The Ultimate Video Editing and Rotation Tool
  • Comes with a very facile interface that does all video editing easily.
  • Allows converting, moviemaking, video collaging, DVD ripping, 3D and GIF-making, and a lot more.
  • Comes with amazing video enhancers and tools that will make the video look real.
  • It facilitates bulk and a super swift conversion process.
  • With massive range support to more than 300 audio and video file formats.

Step 1Acquire the Tool via Download

Download the software by hitting the download button available above. Otherwise, visit the AVAide Video Converter website, to acquire and at the same time see the other available products to download.

Step 2Upload the Video File

Once you launch the software, hit the Toolbox right away, then choose the Video Rotator tool. Once you get to the video rotator interface, click the Plus icon at the center to import your video file.

Rotatevid Android Upload

Step 3Modify the Rotation of the file

On the setting page, you will see a duplicate of your video placed beside the original one. Below the video, you will see the Rotation options, choose between the first two to rotate right or left.

Rotatevid Android Set

Note: Next to the rotation buttons are the buttons for flipping options. Also, the Setting icon is available, if you prefer to adjust the resolution, quality, format, framerate, encoder, and zoom mode of the video file, together with the setting for its audio.

Rotatevid Android

Step 4Export the File to Save it

Finally, to save the modified file hit the Export button. Hence, if you have a preferred file folder where you want to save your file, go to the Save To panel prior to the exportation.

Rotatevid Android Export

Part 3. FAQs on Video Rotating Tools

If I will use the AVAide Video Converter, how will I rotate a video and save it on Android?

To preserve the quality of the rotated file on AVAide Video Converter, you can transfer the file by sending via email, or via a USB connector into your Android.

Can I use the Windows Media Player to rotate a video?

Unfortunately, the Windows Media Player doesn't support video rotation, flip, mirror, and other video editing tasks.

Will the video file be compressed after rotating it and exporting it?

Not at all. The size of your video will be the same after rotating and exporting it, not unless you intentionally compressed it.


There are many available Android apps that can help you rotate your video. However, this article shows you the best solutions. Hence, you may try exploring other mobile solutions as you may wish. Nevertheless, when it comes to desktops, the AVAide Video Converter is and will always be a perfect choice. Besides rotating, you can also try to edit MP4 metadata.

By Sylvie Hyde on Dec 16, 2021

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