Both the OGV and WMV file formats are used for sharing video content online. However, the WMV is on edge when it comes to compatibility since it contains codecs applicable to various devices, especially those of Microsoft. Hence, converting your OGV to WMV files will be a great idea if you want to enjoy the files on your device, as you can use different tools to execute this task. But through this post, we will show you the comprehensive guidelines in doing so.

One of the popular tools to convert OGV to WMV is the FFmpeg; as you read this post, you will learn to endeavor this tool. But on top of that, we will bring you special software that will give you a more exciting experience. So, get yourself ready and be prepared to be awed.

Part 1. The Best Way to Convert OGV to WMV Files Excitingly

As mentioned before, we bring you the most exciting yet powerful way to convert OGV to WMV, and that is through the AVAide Video Converter. Furthermore, this fantastic software can give you perfect outputs ready to be shared online. In addition, it offers numerous editing tools that can enhance your videos by upscaling the resolution, optimizing the brightness, removing the noise, and reducing the shaking of your videos.

Moreover, you won't get tired of waiting for the conversion process to finish, for it will only take a minute of your time due to its acceleration speed. Another good thing about the AVAide Video Converter is that you can convert your input file into countless output devices and formats. See the additional details below to see more of its preeminence.

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A Toolbox that has: Compressor, Enhancer, Trimmer, Merger, Reverser, Rotator, Media Metadata Editor, 3D Maker, Volume Booster, Audio Syncer, and GIF Maker.

Movie Maker with different themes

DVD Ripper that supports numerous outputs.

Video Collage Maker with many filters and templates.

Task Scheduler will shut down your device, put the device to sleep, exit the program, or beep once your task is completed.

Hardware Acceleration

Ultrafast Conversion

  • Besides OGV to WMV conversion, it will give you an exciting experience in video editing.
  • You won't need to watch and wait till the conversion process finishes.
  • It won't bug you for the updates.
  • You need to download it, but it won't consume your device's ample space.

How to Convert OGV to WMV With AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Install the Tool

Firstly, download to install the tool on your device. To start, click on the download button once you get to the software's official website.

OGV WMV Download

Step 2Add the OGV Files

Launch the OGV to WMV converter, and begin uploading the OGV files. Tap on the Add Files button to add single files or even a folder. You can also drag and drop the files at the center of the interface.

OGV WMV Upload

Step 3Configure the Files to WMV

Toggle the Arrow tab next to the Convert All To. Select the WMV from the video format list on the popped-up window, then choose your preferred video quality.


Step 4Convert the Files Now

After customizing the files to WMV, you can now click on the Convert All button located at the right bottom corner part of the interface. You can choose to wait for the swift OGV to WMV conversion process or set it on the task scheduler.

OGV WMV Convert

Note: After the conversion process, you can share the completed files online by going to the Converted to see the outputs. Then, click the Share icon for you to share the results to the social media platform available there.

OV WMV Converted

Part 2. How to Convert OGV to WMV With FFmpeg

FFmpeg is software that will require you to be technically knowledgeable. It is because this tool has a command base procedure that mystifies beginners. However, this software is one of the most reliable and efficient tools to this day, and converting the OGV to WMV using the FFmpeg will give you excellent output. Therefore, the simplified steps below will give you an idea of how it works.

Step 1Open the tool, start typing the ffmpeg, and click on the enter button.

Step 2Then type the file name of the saved OGV file. Note that when doing this step, you must use the cd command. Then type the file path and click enter.

Step 3Lastly, type ffmpeg - input. ogv to output.wmv, then enter. After the command procedure, you may check your file storage to check the new file.


Part 3. How to Convert OGV to WMV Online For Free

If you desire an online OGV to WMV converter, use the Convertio. This online tool converges different categories, including presentation, audio, archive, eBook, and font. Moreover, it has extensive support on various video formats, making it even more reliable and flexible. How does it work? See the steps on how to convert the OGV to WMV files below.

Step 1Immediately upload the OGV file when you click the Choose Files.

Step 2Next, you need to set the file to WMV by clicking the Arrow button next to the OGV uploaded file.

Step 3Start the conversion process by hitting the Convert button. Download the converted file after the conversion process.

OGV WMV Convertio

Part 4. What Are the OGV and WMV Formats?

Still not convinced why you need to convert OGV to WMV? Please see the brief descriptions of the two provided below.

What is OGV?

OGV is a file container created by the Xiph.Org that uses OGG format. Furthermore, it has different types of codecs within a lossy compression. As mentioned previously, this file format is used to save and play video streams online using HTML5, but unlike the WMV, the OGV has tighter compatibility with media players.

What is WMV?

On the other side of the coin, the WMV, which means Windows Media Video, is a file format proprietary to Microsoft. Hence, this doesn't mean that you cannot play the WMV files on Mac because if you have media players besides QuickTime, it will allow you to play it. Therefore, converting OGV to WMV will still be a win-win situation for you. After all, the WMV has an excellent quality, and the same with the OGV is also best for storing videos online.

Part 5. FAQs About the OGV to WMV Conversion

Is the OGV file safe?

The safeties of every file depend on the source. If you download the files online, make sure to scan them first.

What media player can support the WMV on Mac?

Third-party media players can support the WMV on your Mac, and a perfect example would be the VLC.

Which has a bigger size? The OGV or the WMV?

The OGV files are smaller than the WMV, especially on sharing online. In fact, they were made smaller to transfer data to the internet easier because of their size.


You may find this valuable article in every video conversion you do to end this post. Use presented tools depending on your skills, and most especially, use the AVAide Video Converter to improve them.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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