Sharing your videos created by your camcorder online is not an easy task. It is because camcorders usually produce videos with MXF format, and this kind of file is large to transfer online. On the other hand, the WMV is a file format that also makes a name in online video sharing. Therefore, for you to efficiently share your raw videos online, convert the MXF to WMV files. We know the difficulty of converting video files. That is why in this article, we will give you the simplest yet most efficient ways on how to execute the task properly.

Part 1. Brief Introduction of MXF and WMV

MXF Description

The Material Exchange Format or the MXF is a multimedia container developed by the Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Furthermore, it uses the SMPTE standards for audio media and digital video content. In addition, this file format is an excellent format for transferring advertisements to TV commercials, programs, and broadcasting. However, convert MXF to WMV if you want to experience better online stream sharing.

WMV Description

The Windows Media Video or the WMV is the most popular video compression format in the WMV clan of Microsoft. Furthermore, this beautiful video file contains a series of codecs within a lossless compression. As mentioned previously, WMV was made for internet streaming purposes, and it can cause large files to be transformed into smaller ones without affecting the quality.

Part 2. Scrutinizing the Ultimate MXF to WMV Converter

Labeling a tool as the ultimate should be supported by clear pieces of evidence of its eminence. Therefore, the AVAide Video Converter should be one, as this MXF to WMV converter contains features and tools that are considered beyond greatness. In the same way, this software tool offers the users the most accelerated technology in which it works to convert the bulk of files 30x faster than the others. Also, its interface is undeniably simple as it is accessible not just by the experts but also by the beginners who don't have any idea about video editing.

Moreover, this AVAide Video Converter will allow your DVD’s be exported in different outputs of your need. And so we encourage you not just to convert MXF to WMV but also to try DVD ripping, making movies, video collages, 3Ds, GIFs, and more! So what are you waiting for? Let us see and follow the detailed guidelines below.

Obtain an Ultimate MXF to WMV Converter Now!
  • It comes with an ultrafast conversion technology.
  • It supports numerous file formats for inputs and outputs.
  • It converts multiple MXF files at once.
  • It possesses a powerful toolbox with tons of setting tools in it.

Key Features:

It has acceleration technology for a speedy conversion.

It supports more than 300 video, audio, and device formats.

With the exciting movie maker, video collage maker, 3D and GIF makers, and DVD ripper.

It comes with tons of powerful video editing tools.

  • It enables you to convert multiple MXF to WMV files at once.
  • You don't need to be an expert when using it, for it has the most user-friendly interface.
  • You don't need to be an expert when using it, for it has the most user-friendly interface.
  • For you to experience more of it, you must avail the premium version. Hence, the free trial version contains more than enough service.

How to Convert MXF to WMV With AVAide Video Converter Without Losing Quality

Step 1Software Installation

Visit first the official website of the AVAide Video Converter, and hit the download button to acquire the software on your device

Step 2MXF Files Importation

Open the tool, and begin to convert MXF to WMV. Start uploading the MXF files by dragging them from your file storage and dropping them on the interface. Also, you can hit the Add Files button to upload single files or an entire folder.

MXF WMV Upload

Step 3Output Optimization

Let us achieve the WMV as the output. Go to the Convert All To portion to click the arrow drop-down tab. Then, choose the WMV from the list under the Video, and close it by selecting your preferred resolution or quality.


Step 4Set the File Destination

This is just an optional step because the converted files have their automated folder. However, for you to use a personal folder, go to Save To, then choose Browse and Select Folder before converting MXF to WMV.

Step 5File Conversion

Lastly, you can now start the conversion process. Click the Convert All button at the right bottom corner of the interface. Wait for the progress to finish, then check on your chosen folder after.

MXF WMV Convert

Part 3. How to Free Convert MXF to WMV Impressively

Don't you want to acquire any software on your device? Don't you have enough space? Don't worry, for you can still execute the conversion through the web. The AVAide free WMV Converter Online is the ideal tool when it comes to giving excellent conversion, high security, and basic video editing. Moreover, it is an online MXF to WMV converter that doesn't have any Ads and a watermark on the page and output. With a wide range of support on different input and output, you can rely on the AVAide free WMV Converter Online anytime without a cost.

Step 1Get the Ultimate Launcher

We encourage you to download the launcher, don't worry, for it won't impact your device's space. Click on the ADD YOUR FILES button, and follow the simple guidelines in installing it.

MXF WMV Online

Step 2Import the MXF Files

Once you get the launcher, you can start to convert MXF to WMV. Re-tap the ADD YOUR FILES button to upload the files. Upon getting on the main interface, you may click the Add File tab to add more files.

MXF WMV Online Upload

Step 3Obtain WMV Outputs

To obtain WMV outputs, click each file and the target format simultaneously. Also, this time, you can opt to make some adjustments for your files by clicking the Setting icon beside the file. Go ahead and adjust the resolution and other specifications of the files.

MXF WMV Online Set

Step 4Start the Conversion

Toggle the Convert tab, and choose a folder for the destination of converted files. After that, you will see the fastest and safe MXF to WMV conversion process online.

MXF WMV Online Convert

Part 4. FAQs Regarding MXF and WMV

Which has better quality? The MXf or the WMV?

Quality-wise, the MXF is better. However, the WMV still has an undeniably excellent quality. Also, the WMV has a more compressed size than the MXF.

What is the SMPTE of MXF?

The SMPTE refers to the technicality of the format. It is about a set of video or movie frames with a timecode.

Can I use the VLC player to convert MXF to WMV on my phone?

You can convert the said files using the VLC, but not on your phone. The conversion feature of the VLC only takes place on desktops.


To conclude, this article only discusses how to help you achieve significant outputs converting MXF to WMV conversion. Yes, there may be many tools out there that you are favored of, but the AVAide Video Converter gives you the greatest.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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