"Why can't I play my raw videos recorded from my DSLR on my desktop?"

This scenario can be an awkward scenario, but let us dissect it. You probably won't be able to play your videos from your digital cameras because the usual video outputs from these gadgets are encoded in DV format. Given this point, DV files are difficult to match on media players, for they do not have such broad compatibility on different devices. Therefore, to solve this complex scenario, try to convert the DV files to WMV right away to avoid getting an unsupported video file on your Windows desktop.

Part 1. Know More About the DV File

Make yourself knowledgeable about the DV file format. The DV or Digital Video is a file output of the currently popular digital cameras and recorders such as Sony, Nikon, and Canon. Furthermore, the DV contains a family of codecs and tapes and was initially used for digital videos in 1995. It was later correlated to the innovation of digital videos from analog ones. On the other hand, you may still think about converting the DV files to WMV. As mentioned previously, though the DV files have undergone innovation, still, they have complex compatibility with different media players because of the codecs it has.

Part 2. How to Convert DV to WMV With the Supreme Software of the Year

Converting the said files will not be easy not unless you use the ultimate AVAide Video Converter. By all means, this software supremely tops the ranks as always, for many are still in awe of its beautiful features and enhancing tools. In addition, it comes with different technologies, such as for the acceleration of the process and the hardware that enables you to convert DV to WMV files in a single minute without harming your device. Also, its proficiency doesn't limit to the WMV and DV alone, but with the other 300 plus video and audio formats.

Moreover, compatibility-wise, the AVAide Video Converter is supported by Mac and Linux besides Windows. And you don't need to worry about what device you will use for your DV files, for it can transform them to multiple devices available on its interface. So without any further adieu, let us continue to know this powerful software by looking at the details and steps below.

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  • It converts the DV to WMV group files together.
  • It converts videos using Ultrafast technology at 30x faster speed.
  • It allows you to enhance the DV files before converting them to perfect outputs.
  • It is workable on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.
  • It supports numerous file formats and devices.
  • It allows you to have a professional experience within a very simple interface.
  • You will be able to convert DV to WMV files as quickly as possible.
  • Its hardware acceleration will secure your device.
  • You will be able to share your files online.
  • It needs download and installation.

How to Use the AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Must Download the Tool

You have to download and install the tool first. Click on the download button you will see upon reaching the official website.

DV WMV Download

Step 2Must Upload the DV Files

After the installation comes the importation of the DV files. To do so, click the Add Files button located at the top left corner of the interface to upload a file to a folder. Another way is to drag and drop the files at the center.

DV WMV Upload

Step 3Must Obtain WMV Files

To convert DV to WMV, you must set the files to achieve the target format. Just click on the Convert All To tab, choose the WMV, and then hit your preferred resolution for the changes to occur.


Step 4Must Convert Now

If you think all are good to go, click the Convert All button on the bottom right corner. Wait as the conversion process is ongoing. Then, check the finished files in the Converted or the folder name shown in the interface.

DV WMV Convert

Part 3. Top 2 Free DV to WMV Online Converters

1. Try the Convertio

Convertio is one of the best online tools that convert DV to WMV for free. Furthermore, it supports more than 300 file formats, with much more conversion categories in the present time. In addition, you can also customize your DV and WMV files' parameters using Convertio, for it offers multiple adjustments as well. Want to learn how this online tool converts files? See the simple steps below.

Step 1On the main page, hit the Choose Files button to start uploading the DV files. Remember that you can only upload a maximum of 100 MB file size for free conversion.

Step 2Set the field to WMV by tapping the Arrow drop-down button beside the word To, which indicates the output, to convert DV to WMV.

Step 3Start the conversion process by tapping the Convert button. Wait until the operation finishes, and download the converted files after.

DV WMV Convertio

2. Take a look at the FreeConvert.com

Then we have this FreeConvert.com that transforms in 25 conversion minutes per day for its free usage. Otherwise, if you want to experience more of it, you must make a registration which will require you to pay. On the other hand, FreeConvert.com is one of the safest online tools you can use, regardless of the bountiful Ads you will see on its page. Anyway, let us see by steps below how it converts DV to WMV files for free.

Step 1Immediately choose the Video Converters, then the WMV button once you reach the main page.

Step 2Upload your DV files once you hit the Choose Files button.

Step 3You can convert the files this time by hitting the Convert button. Wait till the process succeeds, and download the converted file after.

DV WMV FreeConvert

Part 4. FAQs Regarding DV and WMV Formats

Can I change the codec of a DV file?

You can change the codec of the DV or the other files if you convert them to different file formats.

If I convert DV to WMV, will the file be compressed?

Yes, since the WMV file has a smaller size than DV when you convert the files, it will have the usual size of the output.

Which has better quality? The WMV or the DV?

WMV is way much better than DV when it comes to quality, size, and compatibility.


There you have it, the best software and online tools for your DV to WMV conversion task. We highly appreciate it if you try them yourself, most especially the AVAide Video Converter. Remember that it is always better to have options, but stick to what will give you the best.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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