Convert your MTV to WMV files if you have trouble playing your video files encoded with MTV. This is most especially if you are using Windows type of devices. MTV, as everyone knows, is a file format that was made intentionally for the Chinese-portable players. In other words, it can only be catered by the low-cost media players for playback and with a series of images and MP3 audio. Thus, no wonder why your desktop couldn't play such files. Therefore, be resourceful, and aside from seeking a perfect MTV player, why not the ideal video converter instead?

As you get through this article, you will see which video converter will give you the best high-quality outputs even after going bulk conversion. Convert MTV to WMV as you follow the simplest steps of not only one but two video converters depending on your need.

Part 1. AVAide Video Converter The Ultimate MTV to WMV Converter

Yes! The AVAide Video Converter has been classified as the ultimate MTV to WMV converter due to the different aspects this tool has. One of them is its powerful capability to work simultaneously to convert MTV to WMV and other 300 plus video and audio formats yet still produce the most excellent quality. Furthermore, it won't allow you to fret, for its capability is always tagged along with its acceleration technologies for the conversion process and for your device, which puts your device in a safe and sound condition while using it.

What's more? This AVAide Video Converter converts your files into various devices, including mobile, TV, games, Chromecast, Amazon, and more! This tool can adjust according to your needs, and because it is intuitive, it can be navigated by users of any kind, so regardless of your technical level, you will still find this very suitable for you!

  • It can make your task a lot faster and easier.
  • It won't harm your desktop.
  • It will boost your creativity in editing your videos.
  • It will not burden you in converting MTV to WMV, for it has the easiest navigation ever.
  • It supports so many different formats and devices.
  • It will not require ample space on your computer.
  • It can fit on any size of screen by adjusting the display scale.
  • Do your conversion task without watching over.
  • It needs to be downloaded.
  • You need to register and purchase.

Guidelines on How to Convert Files With AVAide Video Converter

Convert MTV to WMV Supremely With AVAide Video Converter
  • It converts 300 plus video and audio input and output formats.
  • It supremely converts hundreds of files at once.
  • It contains a powerful ultrafast technology.
  • It supremely edits your MTV and other videos into perfection.
  • It is workable on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Step 1Acquire the Software

Download the software on your computer. It has two download buttons, and click one that fits your device.

Step 2Import the MTV Multiple Files

Launch the tool once you have installed it. To convert MTV to WMV simultaneously, you must all transfer your MTV files to the main interface via drag and drop or by clicking the Add Files on the upper left corner of the main interface.

MTV WMV Upload

Step 3Set Them to WMV Outputs

You may choose to aim for the one output by clicking the Convert All To button. Otherwise, hit each file for the individual setting. On the next window, hit the WMV as the output from the numerous formats under the Video.


Step 4Predestinate Your Outputs

You can choose a personal folder for your files before you convert MTV to WMV files. How? Just go and click the Arrow button in the Save To portion, and choose the Browse and Select a Folder.

MTV WMV Preset

Step 5Begin the Ultrafast Conversion

Finally, you may start the super-swift conversion process by hitting the Convert All button on the right bottom edge of the interface. See how those files are transformed rapidly in a minute.

MTV WMV Convert

Part 2. How to Convert MTV and WMV Files Online

Another method that you can use aside from using software is online via Furthermore, this web tool supports 400 plus formats of audio, presentation, archive, image, eBook, document, spreadsheet and is ideal for converting MTV to WMV video files. Additionally, you don't need to download and install any software aside from downloading the converted file for saving. However, when it comes to conversion speed, can only give a normal priority for all its packages, including its free service. Nevertheless, using it infrequently won't cost you anything, so try it by following the simple guidelines below.

Step 1Reach the tool's official website on your browser, then start uploading the MTV file by hitting the Choose Files button.

Step 2Click the Arrow tab above the Convert button to choose the output. From the video, look for the WMV format.

Step 3Lastly, convert MTV to WMV by hitting the Convert button. Wait for the process to finish, then download the converted file after.

MTV WMV OnlineConvert

Part 3. MTV VS. WMV

Attributes MTV WMV
Quality Low
With 128 x 96 + 12, 288 resolution
Exceeding up to 300,000 pixels
Size small small
Used For Low-cost portable media players.
Won’t increase the cost of license royalties of the players.
Mostly for video selling online.
Embedding videos on DVD.

Part 4. FAQs Regarding MTV and WMV

What is the most reliable online tool to convert WMV files in bulk?

You can use the AVAide Free Video Converter Online and convert your files in bulk. Yes, this online tool allows you to convert hundreds of files at once for free using your browser.

Can I convert MTV to WMV in bulk files with the VLC?

VLC claims to have a bulk conversion. Hence, you might also encounter errors, just like what we had when you tried it.

What are the drawbacks of the MTV and WMV files?

Every format has its disadvantages, and so do MTV and WMV. The drawbacks you may get from MTV are poor quality and compatibility, and it won’t be easily edited. On the other hand, the WMV is a Microsoft-owned format. Therefore it is playable primarily on Windows devices. Nevertheless, you can still play WMV files on Mac and Linux with the right players.


Finally, you can convert MTV to WMV bulk files at ease by now. We hope this article helps you a lot in deciding on your conversion task. Don’t settle for less. Use the AVAide Video Converter to get the excellent outputs you deserve!

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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