MPEG file is surely a good file due to its compression. Hence, it is basically most fitted for streaming on the web. In line with this, keeping the MPEG files on your mobile phone could fill your storage. Nevertheless, to keep the said videos yet preserving the storage of your mobile, it will be practical to convert them into a file format like 3GP that will still give your mobile spacious file storage. With these being said you will be needing the most reliable MPEG to 3GP converter tools, which you are in luck with because this article will introduce you to the spectacular ones.

Part 1. Why Convert MPEG to 3GP

MPEG files despite being compressed, still mobile devices struggle to fit and store them, most particularly the old model phones. Therefore transforming them to 3GP will be a great idea. This is because of the fact that 3GP are made purposely to accommodate the 2G up to 4G devices in consuming less bandwidth and storage.

Part 2. Best Free Online MPEG to 3GP Converters

Convert MPEG to 3GP online for free with these incredible online tools that will give you a hand in transforming your video and audio files efficiently. So without any further adieu, let us discover the 2 best and most reliable online tools on the web.

AVAide Free Online MPEG Converter

First is this AVAide Free Online MPEG Converter, this amazing online tool is the number 1 choice of the users even the experts. Its unlimited yet powerful service makes the experts use it over and over again. Furthermore, this online tool extracts the audio from the MPEG file the fastest way you could ever imagine. What’s more, it has the most intuitive interface that doesn’t require expertise to navigate. Smoothly convert your files without any watermark on the outputs, and Ads on the main webpage. How to use it? Please rely on the guideline below to convert MPEG to 3GP online freely.

Step 1Get the Launcher

Download the launcher to your PC to access the interface. Click the ADD YOUR FILES button then the Download, then the Open tab.

MPEG 3GP Online File

Step 2Upload the MPEG Files

To initially upload your files hit the ADD YOUR FILES button once again. To add more files to the interface, click the Add File button on the upper left part.

MPEG 3GP Online Add File

Step 3Set to 3GP Outputs

Set the files to 3GP from the choices video formats at the bottom of the interface. If you wish to convert other files to an audio file like MP3, click the Note icon on the side to see the audio format options.

MPEG 3GP Online Set File

Step 4Start the Conversion Process

Hit the Convert tab and from the popped-up window, choose your preferred file destination. After choosing, the conversion process will immediately start.

MPEG 3GP Online Convert File

Step 5Check on the Converted Files

You may check the converted files on your chosen local file storage. Otherwise, click the Folder image on the interface to locate the files.

How to Convert MP4 to 3GP With Online Converter

The Online converter is also another reliable tool online. Furthermore, its flexibility is undeniably manifest on its main webpage, as it has multiple conversion categories on it. However, this online MPEG to 3GP converter tool is not ads-free, you will also notice that the ads are just the ones making it vibrant. Below are the steps that you can consider following in using this online converter.

Step 1Go to its Video Converter. Beside the Convert to tab, choose 3GP.

Step 2Hit the Choose File button to upload your MPEG file.

Step 3Hit the Convert tab to start the conversion process. Wait for it to finish, then download the converted file after.

MPEG 3GP OnlineConverter File

Part 3. Advanced and Professional MPEG to 3GP Desktop Software

If you are looking for an advanced and professional MPEG to 3GP converter, download this AVAide Video Converter. This desktop software works professionally in converting your files into amazing outputs. Moreover, it will allow you to experience great features like the Video Collage, Movie Maker, Toolbox, and many more. Customize your outputs by adjusting the frame rate, bitrate, resolution, encoder, and channel freely.

AVAide Video Converter The Most Powerful MPEG to 3GP Software
  • 30x faster MPEG to 3GP conversion process.
  • Supports more than 300 file formats.
  • With GIF Maker, 3D Maker, Media Metadata Editor, Video Enhancer and Video Compressor, and DVD Ripper.
  • Works best in bulk conversion.

Convert MPEG to 3GP With AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Download the Software

Download and install the software to your PC. To do so, you can click on the featured download button.

Step 2Drag Your MPEG Files in

After launching the tool, you can drag the MPEG files directly to the interface. As an alternative, click the Add Files button then upload files or even the whole folder.

MPEG 3GP Upload File

Step 3Output Presetting

Preset the uploaded files to 3GP. Click the Convert All button then from the Video, select the 3GP.

MPEG 3GP Preset File

Step 4Start Converting

When the files are all set, hit the Convert All button to start the bulk conversion. Afterward, the converted files may be seen by clicking the Converted tab.

MPEG 3GP Convert File

Part 4. Comparison Chart Of The MPEG and 3GP

The Comparison chart below is given for you to have a broad knowledge of both file formats.

File Name 3GP MPEG
Developer Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Motion Picture Expert Group
Description It is an ISO-based media container for audio, video, and text. Designed to lower the storage and bandwidth requirements of mobile phones. MPEG is most associated with MPEG -1 and MPEG -2. It is a video file format that is popular for transferring video content on the internet.
File extension .3gp, .3gpp .mpg, .mpeg, .mv2, .mpe, .mpv
Resolution 176×144
640×480 up to 1920 x1080
Advantages The foremost advantage of 3p is that it is smaller in size, and because of this downloading and uploading this kind of format is faster. The MPEG file contains very high quality. And it is commonly supported by multiple browsers.
Disadvantages Since it is greatly compressed, the quality and resolution are also being decreased. Since it has high quality, it resulting in having a large file compression size.

Part 5. FAQs About MPEG and 3GP Conversion

Can I convert MPEG to 3GP with a media player like VLC?

Yes, you can. But if you wish to convert files quickly and the simplest, use AVAide Video Converter.

How long will I wait to convert the MPEG to 3GP?

With the AVAide Video Converter, it will just take seconds for you to finish converting.

Can I have the MPEG to 3GP converter for free on my phone?

Unfortunately, AVAide Video Converter could not be downloaded to smartphones yet.


To sum this up, this article made it easy for you to choose the right tool for your MPEG to 3GP trouble. We hope that you are encouraged to use and experience the awesomeness of the featured converters most especially the AVAide Video Converter.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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