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  • Offers several ways to upscale videos with AI.
  • Edit your video files like compression, merging, trimming, and more.
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MP4 has been known as the universal file format due to containing great video quality within a compressed file. However, we cannot still label it as the perfect one, for each of the file formats has a drawback. On the other hand, 3GP has well-known suitability for 3G to 4G mobile devices. In addition, this file format has been also popular with its aloft compression, which often surpasses the compression of an MP4 file. With these being said, you might find the need to convert MP4 to 3GP to accommodate more spacious storage for your mobile device. Luckily, this post is about giving you the best choice to use on this matter. And so let’s begin with the best desktop and android solutions.

Part 1. How to Convert MP4 to 3GP on Desktop

Highly Recommending AVAide Video Converter

AVAide Video Converter is software that deserves to be on top 1. Why is that? This software is an excellent converter of MP4 to 3GP offline, it allows you to still work without depending on the internet. Furthermore, it contains exceptional features in the toolbox that will aid you in acquiring an exquisite output to enjoy. Moreover, this amazing software gives the users freedom to customize the output by adjusting the frame rate, bitrate, resolution, and even the video encoder to the users’ preference.

AVAiDE Video Converter- The Top 1 MP4 to 3GP Converter
  • 30x faster MP4 to 3GP conversion process.
  • Supports bulk file conversion.
  • Supports 300+ input and output formats.
  • With 3D maker, GIF maker, Moviemaker, Video collage, DVD ripper, and many more.

How to Convert MP4 to 3GP With AVAide Video Converter

Step 1Uploading MP4 Files

Launch the tool after downloading and installing it to your PC. Click the Add Files button to MP4 files, you will also notice that you can upload an entire folder to do a bulk conversion.

MP3 3GP Upload File

Step 2Setting to 3GP

Preset the files into 3GP by going to the Convert All to tab, choose from the formats under Video.

MP4 3GP Set File

Step 3Starting the Conversion

After setting, hit the Convert All red button of the interface to start the conversion process.

MP4 3GP Convert File

Step 4Check the Converted Files

In no time, check the successfully converted files on your PC’s local file folder. Otherwise, click the Converted tab then the Folder icon to locate them on your computer.

MP4 3GP Converted File

How to Utilize WinX Free Mp4 to 3GP Converter

WinX Video Converter is a free software tool that is used to convert video files to various file formats and device selection. It gained the no. 2 spots for having flexible features. However, first-time users might find it not appealing for it is a bit confusing to use. Anyways, below are the simple steps in converting your file to 3GP with WinX.

Step 1Launch the tool on your PC, then click the Video tab to upload the MP4 file.

Step 2Choose the 3GP Video from the PC General Video under Common Video Profile, then click the Okay button.

Step 3Hit the RUN button to start the conversion process. Then check the converted files.

MP3 3GP WinX File

How to Convert MP4 to 3GP Using VLC

VLC is another open-source freeware that works great not just as a media player but also in the line of conversion. This software has been very popular, but only a few know about its flexibility in conversion. Honestly speaking, VLC is not that user-friendly when it comes to converting files at first, but later you will find it reliable. Below are the simplified steps to follow in using this software.

Step 1Launch the tool on your PC. Click the Media button then the Convert/Save button after. Upload your MP4 files by clicking the Add button, then the Convert/Save button again.

Step 2To convert your file to 3GP, you must select Video for Android SD Low as your output. Then click the Browse tab to select the destination file.

Step 3. Hit the start button and wait for the conversion process to finish.

MP4 3GP VLC File

Part 2. How to Convert MP4 to 3GP Online

Online conversion is also a great way to convert your files. However, executing conversion online might look risky to others most of the time. Fortunately, AVAide Free Online Converter has finally ended the speculation. This online tool has the safest way to freely convert MP4 to 3GP, rest assured that your files and data are 100 percent secured with its high encryption feature. In addition, no ads will be seen on its webpage. What’s more, it has a built-in setting that will help enhance the video and audio for your preference.

Unlike others, AVAide Free Online Converter allows the users to enjoy the service unlimitedly. No need to sign-up to increase the file size, the users have the privilege to convert any size, anytime, anywhere. Plus it is one of the fastest online converter tools, and so let’s experience the rapid process of this MP4 to 3GP online video converter with the guidelines below.

Step 1Launcher Installation

Acquire the launcher from the website. Click the ADD YOUR FILES button, then follow the direction.

MP4 3GP Online File

Step 2Uploading MP4 Files

Hit the ADD YOUR FILES button again to initially upload files. To add more files, click the Add File button on the interface.

MP3 3GP Online Upload File

Step 3Preset Outputs to 3GP

Select the 3GP from the video formats presented below. If you wish the audio formats to be available, click the Note icon on the side of the video formats.

MP4 3GP Online Preset File

Step 4Start the Conversion

Click the Convert button and choose a local file destination from the popped-up window. Afterward, the conversion process will start. Check the converted files on your chosen PC storage, otherwise, click the Folder icon on the completed files to locate them.

MP4 3GP Online Convert File

Part 3. How to Convert MP4 to 3GP on Android with an App

Video Converter by Technozer Solution

For an Android solution, Video Converter is one of the great. This MP4 to 3GP video converter app download for android is also accessible anytime. It allows the users to compress, crop, trim, and make slow and fast the video file. Below are the simple guidelines to follow in converting a video file.

Step 1Launch the app and click Video Converter to upload an MP4 file.

MP4 3GP App File

Step 2Choose 3GP from the video formats, then click the Convert button.

Step 3Rename the file to save, then hit the Start button. Wait for the conversion process to finish.

Picture Left Picture Right

Video Converter IconAVAide Video Converter

The most comprehensive media converter to convert video & audio & DVD without quality loss.

Part 4. FAQs about MP4 to 3GP Conversion

Can I convert MP4 to 3GP online with more than 500MB file size?

Sure you can, with AVAide Free Online Converter you are free to convert any file size without a limit.

If I convert a 3GP file to MP4 will it have an HD quality?

Transforming a 3GP file into an MP4 doesn’t give you the assurance of acquiring a higher picture quality, because of the fact that a 3GP holds a highly compressed file, which therefore compromises the quality of the video. The easiest way to make a video higher quality is to use a video enhancement tool.

Is 3GP HD?

The 3GP video file contains SD quality with 76 x 144 pixels, and 320 x 240 pixels for larger display phones.


All of the featured tools in this article contribute to converting video files excellently. The choice is yours which among these have triggered your excitement. Hence our team has attested to the perfection of AVAide Video Converter, which you can also try and be awed by how it works.

By Bryan Simmonds on Aug 22, 2022

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