Do you want to watch a specific movie but find out that it’s not available on any streaming sites? Thus, you have decided to watch on physical media where you don’t need an internet connection. But, having a dependable Blu-ray DVD Player is a must to ensure the quality of your streaming experience. With that, do not waste your Blu-ray and DVD collection. Instead, learn the portable DVD Blu-ray player and software you can use. Keep reading this post as we have compiled the best options for you.

Part 1. Blu-ray and DVD Player

Are all Blu-ray players capable of playing DVDs? Technically, yes. All Blu-ray players are capable of playing standard DVDs. These Blu-ray players also use a blue laser, making it backward compatible. Another thing, manufacturers design the players with dual compatibility. That means they incorporate the necessary hardware and software components to handle both formats.

Aside from the abovementioned question, some people also ask, “Can you play Blu-ray on a DVD player?” Unfortunately, no. It may only result in Blu-ray discs being choppy or might not be recognized. This is because Blu-ray uses higher storage capacity and different technology than a DVD.

You now know that Blu-ray players can play DVDs, but DVD players cannot play Blu-ray. Let’s proceed to the top 3 Blu-ray and DVD player combos.

Part 2. Top 3 Blu-ray and DVD Player Combos (Hardware)

If you’re undecided on what Blu-ray DVD Player you’ll buy, here’s a detailed review you can use. Get to know the best players' features, pros, cons, pricing, and where to buy them.

1. Samsung Blu-ray DVD Disc Player

Samsung Blu-ray DVD Disc Player is a multimedia device that allows you to play Blu-ray and DVDs. Also, you can enjoy your old favorite DVDs, CDs, as well as Blu-rays. It is also designed for high-definition enthusiasts and those with extensive DVD collections.

Samsung Blu-ray DVD Player


◆ Full HD 1080p Blu-ray playback via HDMI.

◆ DVD upscaling to improve image quality.

◆ Supports Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

◆ Smart TV functionality with built-in apps like Netflix and YouTube.

◆ Front panel USB port for media playback from external devices.

◆ Built-in Wi-Fi to access Blu-ray features and applications wirelessly.

Pricing: Price starts from $117.75.

Reliable brand with a history of quality.
Supports various media formats.
User-friendly interface.
Smart TV features amplify entertainment options.
Limited to Full HD, not 4K.
It may lack advanced features for audio and home theater enthusiasts.

Where to Buy: You can buy Samsung Blu-ray DVD Disc Player at major electronics and online marketplaces like Amazon and Best Buy.

2. Sony UBP-X800M2 Blu-ray Player/DVD Player

The Sony UBP-X800M2 Blu-ray Player/DVD Player was released on May 11, 2019. It is also a multimedia powerhouse that lets you play almost all audio and video discs. The player is also packed with numerous functionalities and great performances.

Sony Blu-ray DVD Player


◆ Play video disc format up to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray with HDR support.

◆ Advanced audio and video processing with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision DTS:X HDR10, and HLG support.

◆ Precise playback for DVD collections.

◆ Netflix, YouTube, Amazon video streaming

◆ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming and wireless audio.

Pricing: $300 to $400

Solid build quality and design.
Extensive streaming and connectivity options.
Impressive 4K Ultra HD playback.
Dual HDMI outputs for flexible setups.
It is too expensive.
Casual users might find the advanced features not necessary.

Where to Buy: The Sony Blu-ray DVD player is available at major electronic retailers, Sony stores, and online like Amazon.

3. Panasonic Blu-ray DVD Player (DMP-BD84P-K)

Last but not least on the list of portable players is the Panasonic Blu-ray DVD Player (DMP-BD84P-K). It is also a reliable and budget-friendly way to enjoy your Blu-ray and DVD collections.

Panasonic Blu-ray DVD Player


◆ Smooth and detailed full HD 1080p Blu-ray playback.

◆ Support Dolby Digital Sound to enhance audio quality.

◆ It offers DVD upscaling.

◆ USB playback for media playback.

◆ Compact and space-saving dimensions.

Pricing: Prices range from $70 to $80.

Easy-to-use interface
Various media formats supported
Solid performance for the price
It is only limited to Full HD 1080p.
Basic feature set compared to higher-end models.

Where to Buy: It is available on major electronic retailers and online stores like Amazon.

Part 3. Best Blu-ray and DVD Player (Software)

You might also look for software besides the portable Blu-ray DVD player mentioned above. Here, check out the different players you can use to play your favorite movies in physical media. See their key features, pros, and cons to make an informed decision.

1. AVAide Blu-ray Player

AVAide Blu-ray Player is the best and most versatile multimedia player designed to enhance your media playback experience. It supports both Blu-ray and DVD discs. Not only that, it provides you with a feature-rich and customizable way to enjoy your movie collections on your computer.

AVAide Blu-ray Player

Key Features:

  • Multi-region Blu-ray DVD player.
  • It supports a broad array of disc formats, including Blu-ray, DVD, and CD.
  • It also supports all media formats, including MP4, WMV, MOV, MP3, and more.
  • High-resolution videos, such as 720p, 1080p, and Ultra HD (4K) are supported.
  • Dolby Digital & DTS Audio are also supported.
  • Customizable playback options are available.
Comprehensive format support.
Easy-to-use interface.
Customizable playback settings.
Available for both major operating systems.
Frequent updates for improved performance.
Some of the tool’s advanced features may require a paid version.

2. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a well-known open-source multimedia player. It is known for broad format support. However, it is not specifically designed to play Blu-rays and DVDs. Thus, it offers a solution to play these formats using the right plugins and configurations.

VLC Media Player

Key Features:

◆ It supports extensive codecs for playing different video and audio formats.

◆ It also has customizable playback settings and options.

◆ Free and open-source software with a strong user community.

◆ Continual updates and improvements.

Free and open-source.
Available on multiple platforms.
Wide-range codec support.
Customizable settings and interface.
Less user-friendly for users who are not familiar with configurations.
The tool requires additional setup for Blu-ray and DVD playback.

3. Leawo Blu-ray Player

Leawo Blu-ray Player is a media player tool that lets users play Blu-ray and DVDs. It aims to deliver a high-quality viewing experience. It is also one of the most popular choices to play physical media like Blu-ray and DVD.

Leawo Blu-ray Player

Key Features:

◆ Full Blu-ray and DVD support.

◆ Easy-to-use interface and controls.

◆ Customizable settings.

◆ Provide HD resolution to play videos.

◆ Do not use up much CPU on the computer.

Designs for Blu-ray and DVD playback.
Simple, free, and safe to use.
It can play video and audio files.
Users can personalize video playback.
It has ads after pausing the playback.
The tool crashes when users play Blu-ray/DVDs.
Limited format support beyond Blu-ray and DVD.
It can’t also read some protected discs.

Part 4. FAQs About Blu-ray DVD Player

Is it worth it to buy a Blu-ray DVD player?

Definitely, yes. A Blu-ray DVD player is a good investment if you have a Blu-ray and DVD discs collection. Using it, you can enjoy high-definition content of your favorite movies. But instead of buying a portable one, it’s worth trying to try and buy premium software like AVAide Blu-ray Player.

Which is better: Blu-ray or DVD player?

Actually, a Blu-ray player is generally considered better than a DVD player. This is because most of the Blu-ray players also support DVD playback. So, it is like achieving two things using one stone. But note that it also depends on your disc collection. If you have tons of DVDs, then go for a DVD player. If you have many Blu-ray discs, use a Blu-ray player.

Do Blu-rays last longer than DVDs?

Blu-ray discs are designed to last longer than DVDs. But keep in mind that these discs use similar optical disc technology. So, their longevity is largely determined by how they are handled, stored, and maintained. Appropriate storage conditions can help prolong the lifespan of both Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Are Blu-ray players being phased out?

Of course not. Blu-ray players are still widely available and used, especially among home theater enthusiasts and collectors. However, the popularity of physical media has declined with the rise of streaming services.

Can all Blu-ray players play 4K discs?

No, not all Blu-ray players can play 4K discs. To play these discs, you need a specific type of Blu-ray player called a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. These players are designed to handle the higher resolution and advanced features of 4K content. Standard Blu-ray players are not compatible with 4K discs.


Given the points above, you can now make an informed decision on what Blu-ray DVD Player to choose. Among the provided, we highly recommend AVAide Blu-ray Player. It is a leading and reliable tool for playing Blu-ray and DVDs. Furthermore, it is suitable for beginners and professionals who want a straightforward tool. To learn more about its uses and features, start watching your favorite collection with it!

By Bryan Simmonds on Oct 20, 2023

Full-featured multimedia player to play Blu-rays, DVDs, 4K UHDs, and other video/audio files.

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