Nowadays, GIFs are such a cultural phenomenon and we could see funny or beautiful GIFs everywhere on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. However, some GIFs have logos or watermarks on it added by the maker to show their ownership. But many will find the watermarks ruining the composition, so is it possible to remove watermarks from GIFs?

Part 1. How to Remove Watermark from Still GIF

So... What is a GIF? GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It's an animated image that many of you might have seen it in social media platforms. Yes, those funny memes and animated images are GIFs. It is most commonly used on the Internet, has grown in popularity due to social media like Twitter.

However it has a weak compression engine, given that it's released more than 30 years ago. It has its time the 90s but nowadays they might not be an appealing format considering its quality. This means the GIFs you saw might not be that clear or have high resolution since it only supports a palette of up to 256 different colors.

Today, GIF images can be used in a number of different ways:

1. To make the pages more vivid by having moving animated image.

2. To show funny context when people create interesting memes with funny punchlines in it.

3. To make the post or presentation look more attractive.

However, like normal images, GIFs often have watermarks on them, which are meant to protect the copyright from being exploited illegally. Many photographers and artists use their personal logos or texts to enhance the professional appearance. So they might just add a watermark on the GIFs to show their ownership and spread their brand. But you may find the watermarks annoying when you just want to use them for your personal use. So how to erase them?

AVAide Watermark Remover

For still GIFs, it's quite easy and you can just deal with them like dealing with normal JPG/PNG. AVAide Watermark Remover is an easy tool for anyone who wants to remove watermarks from still GIFs. This website has been a renowned tool in the industry for it could help remove watermarks just in a blink of an eye supported by its AI algorithms and completely for free. So you don't need to download anything or pay for anything.

Step 1After you enter the page. Upload the photo from the folder.

Step 2Then you can use your mouse to mark out the watermark area. Click Remove and then the algorithm will do the magic for you. There you go!

Remove Watermark is another tool and you can use it on the mobile. Just download it from the Google Play Store. Just like its name, it's a convenient watermark remover and it serves well. You just need to upload the image and wait till the algorithm removing the watermarks for you in seconds.

Watermark Remover

Part 2. How to Remove Watermark from Animated GIF

AVAide Video Converter

However, for animated GIFs, the method will be a bit more complicated. But we still have solutions because for animated ones you can just treat them like videos. Then AVAide Video Converter is definitely a good tool we'd love to recommend if you want to remove the watermark from your animated GIFs directly. It supports multiple formats and is an all-in-one software where you can do all the editing here. t will not only let you edit the videos directly even you don't possess any professional image editing knowledge but also allow you to convert video/audio/DVD to 300+ formats.

AVAide Video Converter also has built-in movie maker and video collage maker. Besides it's also equipped with tools to make GIFs if you want to make your own ones. So we could feel safe to say that having this one software on your desktop could effectively save you a lot of space and efforts.

Step 1Download and make sure you install the software. Open the software and import your GIF.

Watermark Upload

Step 2Hit the Edit button and then go to Crop. You can resize the GIF by adjusting the Crop Area, Aspect Ratio. Add the changes by clicking the OK button.

Step 3Then your GIF will be watermark-free.

Watermark Cutomized


Trust me, this is a tool for editing GIFs. VEED.IO has become a popular tool that allows you to edit a variety of file formats with ease, including erasing watermarks in GIF files.

Step 1‍Open the VEED.IO website, and you don't need to register first to begin your journey. Upload the GIF.

Step 2Go to Cropping and hit the Settings. Choose your preferred ratio to cut out the watermark.

Step 3Finish your editing by saving the file on your device. At this stage you may need to register first to be able to download.


Part 3. FAQs about Watermarks in GIFs

Will it affect the GIF's quality after removing its watermark?

This depends on the tool you use. So it is essential to choose the one that can maintain the original quality. Some tools can't maintain or even decrease the original quality of the GIF.

Are these watermark removal tools safe to use?

Most of the watermark removal tools mentioned in this guide are safe.

Do I need technical skills to use these tools?

Most of these tools are easy to use so you don't need advanced skills. However, reading the guides or tutorials could help you a lot.


So to conclude, we've introduced several tools for you to remove watermarks from GIF files online. Creating a flawless file will be pretty easy if you know these tools are at your disposal. If you want to achieve professional results easily without spending a penny then AVAide Watermark Remover is definitely a go-to tool friendly to starters and you won't be disappointed!

By Jane Pineda on Mar 13, 2024

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