Imagine you have a fun and animated GIF, but you want to make it more versatile and shareable. Converting that GIF to an MP4 video is like turning a picture book into a movie. It transforms your static image into a dynamic video you can easily play on various devices and share with friends. This guide will show you how to convert GIF to MP4 step by step, using simple instructions.

Part 1. Desktop Solutions to Convert GIF to MP4 on Mac & Windows 10/11

1. AVAide MP4 Converter

AVAide MP4 Converter is a fantastic desktop solution for Mac and Windows 10/11 users. It is a user-friendly program that helps you convert GIFs to MP4 videos, making them more versatile and compatible with various devices and platforms. It provides a straightforward and intuitive interface, ensuring you can easily use it even if you are a first-time user.

The converter is designed to preserve the quality of your GIFs during the conversion process. You will still have vibrant colors, smooth animations, and all the fun elements of your original GIF. AVAide MP4 Converter offers options to customize your MP4 output. You can pick the video resolution and frame rate and trim your video if needed. In addition, it offers editing functionalities that can level up your output compared to before. Amazing, right?

AVAide MP4 Converter
  • It helps you change GIF into MP4 without any fuss.
  • You can crop, rotate, modify effects, apply filters, watermark, etc.
  • It supports batch conversion.
  • It makes your videos smaller, making them easier to share and store.
  • It is fast and does not need any tech skills.
  • Your video will still look nice and clear after converting.

To master how to convert GIF to MP4 using AVAide MP4 Converter, proceed to read the following steps:

Step 1Visit AVAide MP4 Converter's official website to download the program on your computer. Follow the on-screen guide to install the software on your computer successfully.

Step 2Run the program to start doing your task. Navigate to the Converter tab. Hit the (+) button to access your local drive. Please add the GIF file you desire to convert to MP4 video format.

Add the GIF File

Step 3Head to the Profile drop-down menu that contains various video and audio formats and ready-made settings for devices. Click it, and select MP4 from the list of formats under the Video option.

Select MP4 from the List

Step 4Click the Cogwheel button to customize the output of your converted video. Under Video settings, you can modify the Resolution, Bitrate, Encoder, and Frame Rate. Under Audio settings, you can modify the Channel, Bitrate, Encoder, and Sample Rate according to your requirements. Once you are done changing the settings, press the Create New button to apply them.

Customize the Output of Your Converted Video

Step 5If you want to customize the appearance of your video, click the Wand button. You can correct your video's orientation and remove unnecessary parts. You can adjust the basic effects and select a specific filter from the list. You can embed a watermark on your video to present your ownership. In addition, you can change the video's volume and delay according to your preference.

Note: Hit the OK button in each option to apply the changes.

Customize the Appearance of Your Video

Step 6Once you are happy with your edits, it is time to click the Convert All button to begin the conversion process. Afterward, your converted output will be saved in your local folder. Check it out!

It is Time to Click the Convert All Button

There you go! You have learned how to convert GIF to MP4 without losing quality using AVAid MP4 Converter.

2. Photoshop

Have you ever wanted to turn a GIF into an MP4 video to make it compatible with different devices and platforms? If so, you might be surprised to learn that Photoshop, a popular and powerful image editing program, can help you do that. While Photoshop is primarily known for image editing, it also allows you to work with animations, like GIFs. You can import your GIF file and export it as an MP4 video. In addition, it gives you control over various settings and adds a creative touch to your videos.

To discover how to convert GIF to MP4 in Photoshop, proceed to read the following steps:

Step 1Open the program on your computer to start converting.

Step 2Go to the File tab. Click Open and pick the GIF you want to change into an MP4. Then, go back to File, choose Export, and pick Render Video.

Step 3In the box that appears, give your file name. Click Select Folder and choose where to save your new video.

Step 4Click on Photoshop Image Sequence in the menu. From the pop-up menu, select MP4 as the type of video you want. You can also change things like the size, how clear it is, how fast it plays, and more.

Step 5When ready, press OK to change your GIF into an MP4 format.

Photoshop Convert GIF to MP4

Part 2. Online Solutions to Convert GIF to MP4


EZGIF is a free and user-friendly online tool that helps you convert GIF files into MP4 format easily. The free online tool does not add logos or symbols to the changed files. It makes files smaller, so you spend less time uploading and downloading. You can also utilize it to perform actions such as turning, rotating, cutting, chopping, and enhancing videos. This web-based platform can help you turn your GIF into a video or make minor adjustments.

To master how EZGIF GIF to MP4 conversion works, proceed to read the following steps:

Step 1Go to the official EZGIF.COM website using your web browser.

Step 2On the main page, pick the Video to GIF option among the features. Afterward, pick the GIF to MP4 button in the primary conversion section.

Step 3Press the Choose File to open your computer's files. Pick the GIF file you want to change. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the web link (URL) on the GIF you found on social media. Once you have made your choice, click Upload to start the process of converting your GIF.

Step 4Press the Convert to MP4 button, and the platform will work on your file, transforming it into an MP4 format. When it is ready, hit the Download button to save it to your computer's folder.

Ezgif Convert GIF to MP4

2. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a handy online tool that can turn your picture files into MP4 videos. It works with different image formats like PNG, WEBP, JPG, GIF, and HEIC. It allows you to change them into MP4 videos. You can also change the file size, picture, quality, etc. Moreover, it enables you to upload files from cloud storage. This web-based platform does not stop at images; it can handle many file types like documents, presentations, ebooks, and spreadsheets. Indeed, it is a versatile and helpful tool for different tasks.

To find out how CloudConvert GIF to MP4 conversion works, proceed to read the following steps:

Step 1Visit the CloudConvert's official website.

Step 2Hit the Select Files and choose the GIF file you want to change from your computer.

Step 3Click the menu that says MP4 under the video category and select it as the format you want to convert to.

Step 4Hit the Start Convert button to begin the conversion. When it is done, you can download the converted file.

CloudConvert Convert GIF to MP4

Part 3. App to Convert GIF to MP4 on iPhone and Android

1. For iPhone

Do you want to take those hilarious or mesmerizing GIFs you find online and turn them into shareable video clips on your iPhone? Look no further than GifShare, the iPhone app that makes converting GIFs to MP4 videos a piece of cake. You can personalize your videos by modifying the speed, size, and settings to make them just how you want. It offers additional features like adding text, stickers, and filters to your videos, allowing you to make them even more fun and engaging.

To find out how to convert GIF to MP4 on iPhone, proceed to read the following steps:

Step 1Install and open the GifShare app.

Step 2Pick a GIF from your gallery or camera roll.

Step 3Edit your GIF by adding filters and cool effects.

Step 4Change your GIF into a video with the speed and size you want.

Step 5Keep your creation on your device or share it with friends online.

GIFShare Convert GIF to MP4

2. For Android

ImgPLay is a clever Android app that makes transforming GIFs into MP4 videos a breeze. It is a recommendable app to convert GIF to MP4 hassle-free. Whether to save storage space on your device or make engaging video content for social media, it has got you covered. You can change the shape, add filters and stickers from an extensive collection, and even draw using a pen-like tool. The main downside of ImgPlay is that it adds a watermark to GIFs if you use the free version.

Step 1Download and open the app on your device.

Step 2Choose Edit GIF from the options and select a GIF from the organized gallery.

Step 3The editing screen has three parts: The top shows all the video frames, the middle lets you edit the GIF, and the bottom has design options. When you are done editing, tap Next.

Step 4You will see the Save or Share screen. Tap Save and select Video. You can choose between low or high quality and set how many times it repeats.

IMGPlay Convert GIF to MP4

Part 4. Tips for Convert GIF to MP4 for Instagram

Here are some simple tips for converting GIFs to MP4 videos for Instagram:

◆ Choose a trusted online tool or mobile app to convert your GIF to MP4.

◆ You can use the converter to make adjustments like cropping, resizing, or adding effects to your GIF before converting it to MP4.

◆ Instagram has specific requirements for video uploads, like aspect ratio and size. Ensure your MP4 video meets these criteria.

◆ Short videos work best on Instagram. Try to keep your MP4 video under 60 seconds for better engagement.

Part 5. Extended knowledge: GIF vs. MP4


◆ GIFs are like short, silent, and colorful animations.

◆ They are suitable for funny loops or simple graphics.

◆ No sound in GIFs.

◆ File sizes can be big.


◆ MP4s are like regular videos you watch on the internet.

◆ They have colors and sound and can be long.

◆ MP4s are used for movies, shows, and videos with sound.

◆ File sizes are usually smaller.

Part 6. FAQs about Converting GIF to MP4

Do I lose quality when converting GIF to MP4?

Changing a GIF into an MP4 might make it less clear, especially if the GIF is already not very detailed. But most of the time, you would not notice the difference.

What are the benefits of converting GIFs to MP4 for social media sharing?

When you turn GIFs into MP4 for social media, you use sound and have better video quality. In addition, MP4 works well on many social media sites because they support this format widely.

How does FFmpeg GIF to MP4 conversion work?

Make sure you have the correct version of the program for your computer. Copy and paste this code: $ ffmpeg -i benji.GIF -f MP4 -pix_fmt yuv420p benji.MP4 to change your GIFs into MP4 videos. If the file is not on your computer, the program will create it automatically. The program will ask if you want to replace it if it is already there. Type –y to say yes and overwrite the old file.

Can you convert GIFs to MP4 on Instagram?

You cannot directly convert a GIF to an MP4 on Instagram. Instagram is mainly for sharing videos and photos. But you can use other apps or websites to convert a GIF to MP4 first and then upload the MP4 video to Instagram.

Which is better, GIF or MP4?

GIF is better for short animations or simple graphics or when you do not need sound. In contrast, MP4 is better for longer videos, movies, or videos with sound.


GIFs are great for short, simple animations and graphics. In comparison, MP4 offers higher quality, sound, and versatility for longer videos. If you want to effortlessly convert GIFs to MP4 format and unlock a broader range of possibilities, consider AVAide MP4 Converter. It is a go-to solution for easily converting GIFs into high-quality MP4 videos.

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