These days, integrating an emoji into a photo is an easy task because of the programs that allow and develop such tasks. But the hard part comes when you don't want to have those emojis in your pictures anymore. Here comes software specially designed to remove unwanted objects from your pictures. Using such tools enable users to remove emoji from photos and lets you craft your pictures to your desired look.

It is also possible to remove any unnecessary objects floating from your photo using these tools. It can also blend, cut, or even blur the entire object completely, and users won't know it is there. However, finding such a tool that is free and reliable can take a lot of work to come across. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of quality software tools you can use.

Part 1. What is an Emoji?

An emoji is a small digital icon used to represent an idea or emotion in electronic communication. These symbols are typically used in text messages, emails or in any form of social media applications to portray any feelings and add visual elements next to your message. Emojis includes smiley faces, thumbs up, hearts, animals, food items, and countless other symbols. Emoji originated in Japan in the late 1990s and have become a global phenomenon, with a standardized set of emojis established by the Unicode Consortium, making them accessible and consistent across platforms and devices.

Part 2. Best Emoji Remover to Get Rid of Emoji from Videos

AVAide Video Converter is a downloadable application that is particular in editing videos and photos. But despite being an application focused on video and photo editing, it also contains tools that can edit and remove emojis or any watermarks you desire to remove. Paired with the ease of use from its straightforward and adaptable user interface, any new user will quickly feel the flow of the application. AVAide Video Converter's pricing is undoubtedly a bang for your buck, considering all the features and tools that it has for emoji removal. Check the steps below to learn how to remove any watermark or emoji from your photos.

Step 1Acquire and Launch the Application

The first step is to acquire the application by downloading it. To do that, you just have to click on the TRY IT FREE button below. Download the application according to your operating system. After you have downloaded the application, install it onto your device. To launch the application, double-click its icon on your desktop.

Step 2Select Tool And Import File

After opening the application, we have to select the tool we are going to use. Go to the Toolbox and select Video Watermark Remover. After clicking the Video Watermark Remover, you are now directed into a new window, and users are now able to import their chosen file. Click on the big + button in the center of your app. This will cause another window to open and you will be able to access your directories and find your file to edit.

VCU Toolbox Console

Step 3Remove Emoji

It is now time to remove the objects you want. To do that, click on the Add watermark removing area button available on the bottom-left of your window. After clicking that, a yellow outline on your picture will appear, and it will remove any object that is inside of the picture and blend it for seamless removal. You can also manually adjust the yellow outline by dragging its sides or corners.

VCU Add Watermark Button

Step 4Export File

After removing the objects from your picture, you are now ready to export your file. To do that, just click on the Export button on the bottom-right side of your window. You can find your exported file in your application directory.

VCU Export Button

Part 3. Applications that can Remove Emoji from Pictures

1. Inpaint

Inpaint is an Mac exclusive application software that is designed for the removal of unwanted objects, emojis, or elements from any digital photos. Inpaint offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to newbie and professional users. The primary purpose of this application is to seamlessly eliminate undesired elements from an image while preserving the surrounding content and ensuring that the output looks natural. With the use of advance image processing algorithms, including content-aware fill technology, to analyze the pixels surrounding the unwanted object or emojis and intelligently reconstruct the background. This allows the software to fill in the area and seamlessly apply the new object without causing any imperfections.

Inpaint Interface

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a popular and user-friendly mobile photo editing application developed by Google. While Snapseed primarily focuses on enhancing and retouching photos, it also provides a handy tool for removing unwanted objects from images like emojis. That tool is known as the healing tool, it allows users to seamlessly eliminate unwanted elements while preserving the quality of the photo and blends the background of the removed emoji by analyzing the surrounding pixels.

Snapseed Interface

3. Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is a user-friendly and versatile Windows desktop application designed for enhancing and retouching photos, and it includes a range of tools for removing unwanted objects from your images or removing emojis. This software is particularly well-suited for users who want to edit their photos without the complexity of professional-grade software. Whether you want to remove distractions, blemishes, or any other elements that detract from the overall quality of your images, Movavi Photo Editor simplifies the process and helps you achieve professional-looking results without the complexity of more advanced image editing software.

Movavi Interface

Part 4. FAQs about Emoji Removers

Can you remove emojis from Snapchat screenshots?

Yes, you can remove emojis from Snapchat screenshots, but you will not be able to see the content underneath the area of the emoji you just removed. Some applications will just blur out the content you are trying to remove for better results.

Is there a picture emoji remover for iOS devices?

As of now, there is no available application for removing an emoji for iOS devices. But we recommend using computer software to do such things, as it provides strong power when doing this kind of work. Removing an emoji or any unwanted element in your PC also provides you with many applications that are compatible and have an easy workflow for users to not get overwhelmed.

What should I be cautious of when removing emojis from a picture?

Always be cautious of showing off an edited document, as people may report you and receive punishment, or worse, you may even go to jail. Our advice to you is to keep your edited documents to yourself to protect yourself.

Can you see the contents underneath after removing an emoji?

No, you cannot see any content after removing an emoji or any object from a picture. Making that possible would cause harm to anyone who had their face or document screenshotted and exposed easily.

What is the best way to remove an emoji from a photo?

The best way to remove an emoji from a picture is to use a dedicated application for such a task. You can try out AVAide Watermark Remover as it does not only remove watermarks, it can also remove any undesired elements you want to remove.


Removing an unwanted element from your photo has been a challenging task because it leaves a backgroundless hole in your photo. But in today's technology, we have all the access to applications dedicated as an emoji remover from photos. Regardless of how bad your device is, there are some applications you can find that fits your system. We recommend that you use the application that is suited for your work and if you are an aspiring professional, we recommend you opt for high-end software so that you are limited by the tools that are scarce from free software.

By Jane Pineda on Jan 23, 2024


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