Are you facing the situation that Windows Media Player can’t play MP4?

MP4 is the most popular video format which can be supported by almost all players, editors and devices. So, it will be frustrating when MP4 files can’t be directly played on your Windows Media Player.

This post will show you how to convert MP4 file to Windows Media Player in details. To change MP4 to Windows Media Player supported WMV, WMA, AVI, or WAV, just keep reading.

Part 1. How to Convert MP4 File to Windows Media Player Without Quality Loss

First, we like to introduce you with a professional MP4 to Windows Media Player converting tool, AVAide Video Converter. It is specially designed to deal with various video and audio conversions. This MP4 to WMP converter highly supports all frequently-used 8K, 5K, 4K, 1080p/720p HD and SD video formats. Moreover, it carries many useful editing features for you to edit video and adjust the output effects.

Step 1Free download, install and launch this MP4 video converter on your computer. Click Add Files to import the MP4 file you want to convert.

Add File

Step 2Select a suitable output format like WMV from the drop-down list of Convert All to. Make sure the target format can be supported by Windows Media Player.

Select Output Format

Step 3Before the MP4 converting, you can use various editing functions according to your need. After that, click on the Convert All button to start the MP4 to Windows Media Player conversion.

Start Convert

Part 2. Convert MP4 File to Windows Media Player Online Free

To convert your MP4 file to a Windows Media Player supported format like WMV, WAV, AVI, or WMA, you can also rely on online converters. Here we take the popular online MP4 converter, cloudconvert as an example to show you how to convert MP4 to Windows Media Player online free.

Step 1Open your web browser like Microsoft IE, Chrome or Firefox, search for and go to the cloudconvert site. It has a specific MP4 to Windows Media Player converting page, you can also directly open it.

MP4 to Windows Media Cloudconvert

Step 2Click the red Select File button to browse and upload your MP4 file. You are allowed to convert an MP4 file from local computer, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and through URL.

Convert MP4 to Windows Media Player

Step 3The output format will be set as WMV by default. You can click on the Options icon next to the output format to custom more video, audio and editing options. After that, click on the Convert button to start converting MP4 to WMV for Windows Media Player. When the uploading and converting process are finished, you can click Download to save the output file on your computer.

Part 3. Can I Convert MP4 to WMV Using Windows Media Player

You should know that, Windows Media Player is a player in Windows system, not a video converter. Considering that it cannot play MP4 files, you are also not able to convert MP4 to WMV using Windows Media Player.

It’s very confusing that all old WMP versions including Windows Media Player 11/10, WMP 9 series, Windows Media Player 7 and WMP for Windows XP do not support MP4 playing.

Install codecs to play MP4 files in Windows Media Player

The latest Windows Media Player 12 can play MP4 files. So, you can choose to upgrade WMP version to get the MP4 playback feature. But you should know that, not all MP4 file formats can be supported. To solve the problem, you can also choose to install necessary codecs to play MP4 files.

Ensure you are using the latest WMP version, go to Tools and then choose Options. Click the Player tab and select the Download codecs automatically option. Click OK to confirm your operation. Next time when you try playing an MP4 file in WMP, you will get a prompt to install codec. Then click the Install button to get the MP4 playback in Windows Media Player.

Download codecs automatically

Part 4. FAQs of Converting MP4 File to Windows Media Player

Why can't Windows Media Player play MP4?

Windows Media Player doesn't have the necessary video codecs for the MP4 playing. Windows does not have native support for all MP4 files.

How to update Windows Media Player?

Open Windows Media Player on your computer, click Help and then choose the Check For Updates option. Then you can follow the instructions to update WMP if there is an available upgrading version.

What media player comes with Windows 10 PC?

Windows Media Player 12 is the default player for Windows 10. It is pre-installed on every Windows 10 PC.


How to convert MP4 file to Windows Media Player? This post shares 3 effective solutions to help you solve the MP4 file can’t play in Windows Media Player problem. You can choose your preferred method to make Windows Media Player play MP4.

By Bryan Simmonds on Jul 08, 2021

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