Shutterstock is the most important microstock agency that offers a collection of more than 90 million images videos. This kind of agency allows anyone to license images for creative use. Professionals like photographers and designers can directly access a large selection of images, and find content that works for them. People portraits, animals, and food images are some of the most popular ones. However, watermarks in Shutterstock images could be a nuisance. Here we will explore creative ways to get rid of the Shutterstock watermarks step by step.

Part 1. Does Shutterstock Have a Watermark

Shutterstock as a microstock agency offers royalty-free photos vectors and videos at very low prices. The microstock agency was founded in 2003. This business was based on licensing images at very low prices under the royalty-free license. Shuttershock was the first to adopt the subscription to stock photos as a method of sale for a fixed monthly fee. They offered a certain number of downloads per day. By this method they were hugely successful and the other agencies in the industry being forced to adopt the same method.

Every day, Shutterstock attracts more and more contributors because it could allow the photographers or artists to get an income. They can begin to make money immediately as soon as you're accepted as a contributor and this platform will help them gain millions of visitors.

However, when you download a design from their site, the platform will stamp a watermark on them which could be seen as a way to prevent the work from being used illegally. Not just Shutterstock, many platforms like Shutterstock or Getty Images will add watermarks to the images or videos created on or by them as well. The use of watermarks could also help promote their brands. But when you need the design for a presentation or something like that, it could be very annoying. How can we get rid of the Shutterstock watermarks then?

Part 2. How to Remove Photo Watermark from Shutterstock Online

1. Free Trial or Purchase

The first method we're going to introduce is paying in an official way to avoid the watermarks. If you are a new user, then lucky you! Like many other platforms, Shutterstock provides a 30-day trial for free. This could give you the access to take a look around, test the waters with their service and download images you like without cost and Shutterstock watermarks.

However this free trial will only allow you download up to 10 images for one month at no charge. If the trial expires and you want limitless downloads, you could still pay a membership plan. As we all know, there's nothing you can't achieve with the right budget!

Shutterstock has a variety of plans, but the download numbers are not as generous as some platforms. You can only get 10 royalty free pictures per month for about $49 a month. But in a month, you can get 750 pictures for free without watermarks if you pay $249 a month. The monthly fee will be reduced by 20%, saving you 20 to 40% and requiring a year's commitment if you opt for an Annual Plan rather than Month To Month plan.

But if you don't need to download images frequently, then you could consider Shutterstock’s image packs. But this kind of on-demand plan will be less cost-efficient if you consider the price for each image.

Shutterstock Plan

2. AVAide Watermark Remover

However, if you don't want to spend a penny for removing the Shutterstock watermark online, we also have another amazing suggestion for you. Watermark remover like AVAide Watermark Remover can help you do that easily for free. It is the perfect tool to erase the watermark in a blink of an eye using the algorithm analyzing the surrounding pixels of images. What's more it allows you to refine the edges and repair details to achieve flawless watermark removal. And it's pretty easy to use, you don't need to download anything or register for anything. Please just follow the three steps here.

Step 1After you enter the website. You will see the clean interface. Just upload the picture you want to remove the watermark from.

Step 2Then you can mark out the area of the Shutterstock watermark. Make sure you include the whole logo. Then click Remove.

AVAide Remove

Step 3Then the algo will work its magic. If it looks good, you can click Save to download it.

AVAide Save

Part 3. How to Remove Watermark from Shutterstock Videos

However, the methods mentioned above only work for images. If you want to remove watermark from Shutterstock videos, there's another method as well! AVAide has another tool AVAide Video Converter to erase the watermark from your Shutterstock videos. It is a safe and free all-in-one editor to not only help you deal with the watermark but also do basing editing like cropping, resizing, adding text or special effects, etc. For videos watermarked by Shutterstock, there's no harm downloading this tool to give it a try and the steps are easy.

Step 1Download the version compatible to your system first. Launch the software and import your video.

Watermark Upload

Step 2Click Crop to crop the watermark out of your sight. Then click the OK button to save the changes. That's how easy it is.

Part 4. FAQs about Shutterstock Logo

Is Shutterstock content free?

Some of them are free but most are royalty-free and have a cost.

Is it illegal to remove a Shutterstock watermark?

The act of removing watermarks from images is a controversial and, in many cases, illegal practice. But if you paid for the images to be downloaded without watermarks, then it will be fine.

How to remove Shutterstock watermark on Photoshop?

You can use the Magic Wand Tool to remove the watermark.


So, there you go! Now you're aware of the different ways to remove Shutterstock watermarks from images and videos. Each method has its pros and cons, so you can choose the one that works best for you. The purchase of an official plan is the easiest way to do this. Try the AVAide tools that we've suggested if you want to do it for free but be aware of the risk behind them as well. Thanks for reading till the end!

By Jane Pineda on Mar 13, 2024

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