As an open-source media player, VLC is popular around the world. It is not only free of charge but also includes lots of useful features and bonus tools. However, it is not perfect. Users may encounter a variety of bugs and problems in VLC, such as subtitle delay. It means that the free media player fails to synchronize the subtitle correctly or the subtitle is not written in a proper manner. This guide intends to help you get rid of the error.

Part 1. How to Adjust Subtitle Delay with Keyboard Shortcut

Shortcuts are an easy way to change subtitle delay in VLC. Of course, this way requires a keyboard. Moreover, it just adjusts the subtitle temporarily. Once you close the video, the changes won't be saved.

If the subtitle is ahead of the sound, press G on PCs and J on Mac OS X. The subtitle will speed up by 50ms.

If the subtitle is behind the sound, press H on your keyboard.

Bear in mind that you can press the shortcut multiple times until the subtitle matches the sound and the video.

Part 2. How to Adjust Subtitle Delay on Windows/Mac

In addition, you can change subtitle delay in VLC using the Synchronization settings feature. It allows you to sync the subtitle and images manually. However, you need to calculate the delay time.

Show Extended Settings

Step 1Open the desired video in VLC, and remember the delay time. For instance, the audio started at 1:00 and the corresponding subtitle appears at 1:30. It means that the subtitle has to be hastened by 30 seconds.

Step 2Pause the playback, and press the Show extended settings button at the bottom. That will open the Adjustments and Effects dialog.

Step 3Switch to the Synchronization tab, locate the Subtitle/Video section, and set the Subtitle track synchronization. In our example, enter 30.

Step 4At last, click the Close button and start playing the video. Then you will find the subtitle delay is fixed in VLC.

Note: This way won't change the original video file.

Part 3. How to Change Subtitle Delay on Android/iOS

Currently, VLC is available on Android and iOS. However, it is a bit different to fix the subtitle delay error in the VLC app. The good news is that you can resolve this problem by following the steps below.

Step 1Open the video in your VLC app. You can download it from Play Store or App Store for free.

Step 2Tap the speech balloon icon under the timeline, and choose Subtitle delay on the context menu.

Speech Balloon

Step 3Next, press the + or - icon to change the subtitle delay. Press the former if the subtitle is ahead of the sound, and hold the latter if the subtitle is lagging. The subtitle is adjusted by 50 milliseconds per time.

Sync Subtitles

Note: If you cannot find the speech balloon icon, tap the three-dot icon, and choose Subtitle delay.

Part 4. How to Fix VLC Subtitle Delay with AVAide Video Converter

VLC can fix subtitle delay temporarily. If you want to get rid of the error, you will need a video subtitle editor, such as AVAide Video Converter. The concise design enables beginners to find what they want quickly.

Best Subtitle Editor
  • Fix subtitle delay and other issues easily.
  • Protect video quality while editing.
  • Support almost all video and audio formats.
  • Include a wide range of bonus tools.

Here are the steps to fix the subtitle delay for VLC:

Step 1Open videos

Launch the best subtitle editor after installing it on your computer. Go to the Add Files menu and open the videos that you want to edit.

Load Videos

Step 2Adjust the subtitle

Click the Edit icon next to the thumbnail to open the video in the video editor window. Switch to the Subtitle tab, and adjust the Delay option until the subtitle syncs. Click OK to confirm the changes. Then edit other videos.

Video Converter Ultimate Edit Subtitle

Step 2Export videos

Press the Folder icon at the bottom of the main interface, and set a specific folder to save the videos. Finally, click the Convert All button.

Video Converter Ultimate Convert Video

Part 5. Best Alternative to VLC

VLC is one of the best media players, but not the only option to watch your favorite movies. AVAide Blu-ray Player, for example, lets users add new subtitles to a movie if the subtitle delays in VLC.

Best Alternative to VLC
  • Apply new subtitles to a video quickly.
  • Support most subtitle file formats.
  • Optimize video quality automatically.
  • Available to Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac OS X 10.12 or higher.

How to Play a Video in VLC Alternative

Step 1Open a video

Install the best VLC alternative on your desktop and run it. Click the Open File button in the home interface, and open the desired video.

Main Interface

Step 1Add a new subtitle

To apply a new subtitle file, go to the Video menu on the top ribbon, choose Subtitle Track, and then Add Subtitle. Open the new subtitle. Then it will automatically sync on the playback.

Player Eject Disc

Part 6. FAQs about VLC Subtitle Delay

Why subtitle delays in VLC?

The subtitle may be out of sync due to editing issues. Or VLC loads the subtitle file that is not synchronized with the images.

Can VLC sync subtitles automatically?

No, you have to adjust the subtitle in VLC manually using the shortcuts or Synchronization feature. Plus, the changes are temporary and you have to adjust it the next time you open the video.

Does VLC have auto subtitles?

No, VLC cannot auto-search and add subtitles by default, but you can get subtitles automatically in VLC with the VLSub add-on.


This guide has demonstrated how to fix the subtitle delay error in VLC on your computer and mobile device. You can follow our steps to get a better viewing experience. AVAide Video Converter can correct the subtitle permanently. Or you can play videos with another media player, like AVAide Blu-ray Player. If you have other problems with VLC, please feel free to contact us by leaving your message below this post.

By Bryan Simmonds on Jul 07, 2023

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