There are many video formats developed for various purposes on the market. No matter you are a professional broadcaster or live streamer or normal social media user, you must understand the technology that makes your content. Picking an appropriate video format is part of that learning curve. This article will talk about two popular video formats, MKV and MP4, as well as how to convert MKV to MP4 online or offline.

Part 1. What Are MKV and MP4 Formats

MKV stands for Matroska Multimedia Container, which was developed to replace AVI. As a multimedia container, an MKV file can store multiple video, audio, and subtitle tracks. Besides, it also contains metadata. Since MKV is a lossless video format, the file size is usually very large.

MP4 is short for MPEG-4 Part 14. It is also a container format to store multiple tracks. However, MP4 is a lossy video format and the file size is smaller than MKV.

Due to the compression technology, the video and audio quality of MKV is better than MP4. However, MP4 is good for streaming due to the smaller file size. Moreover, MKV has better compatibility than MP4.

Part 2. Best MKV to MP4 Conversion Tool for Mac and Windows

Playing an MKV file can be challenging on a computer. An MKV file may contain a variety of video and audio codecs. Therefore, most social platforms do not support MKV. To convert your MKV to MP4 without losing quality, you need a powerful conversion tool, such as AVAide Video Converter.

Best DVD Conversion Tool - AVAide Video Converter
  • Transcode MKV to MP4 in bulk without technical skills.
  • Optimize video and audio quality automatically.
  • Convert MKV video files for portable devices.
  • Available to Windows 11/10/8/7 and Mac OS X.

How to Bulk Convert MKV to MP4 Quickly

Step 1Open MKV files

Run the best MKV to MP4 converter once you install it on your computer. Go to the Add Files menu at the top left side, choose Add Files, and open all MKV files that you want to convert.

Add File

Step 2Set MP4 as the output format

After the videos load, click the Convert All to menu on the top right side to open the profile dialog. Head to the Video tab, choose MP4 on the left side and pick a proper preset. If you wish to adjust the parameters, click the Gear icon.

Output Format

Step 3Convert MKV to MP4

Go back to the main interface, move to the bottom, and click the Folder icon to set a specific directory to save the output. At last, click on the Convert All button to begin bulk converting MKV to MP4.

Convert All

Part 3: 4 Free Converters for MKV to MP4 Conversion

How to Convert MKV to MP4 with HandBrake

HandBrake is an open-source video conversion tool. Unlike other open-source software, the developer keeps updating HandBrake and adding useful features. You can convert from MKV to MP4 with HandBrake for free.

Batch convert MKV to MP4.
Include custom options.
Offer presets.
Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
The setup is a bit complicated.
It supports limited output formats.

Here are the steps to convert MKV to MP4 with HandBrake:

Handbrake Converter

Step 1Click Open Source or Source on the top of HandBrake, and open the desired MKV video.

Step 2Hit the Browse button under the Destination section, and select an output folder.

Step 3Pull down the Container option, and choose MP4. Select an appropriate preset in the Presets panel.

Step 4Click the Start or Start Encode button to initiate converting MKV to MP4.

How to Turn MKV to MP4 by VLC

VLC is an open-source media player. Besides, it comes with lots of bonus features, like video format conversion. If you don't mind the video quality, it is available to turn MKV videos into MP4 format.

Free of charge.
Convert MKV to MP4.
Keep the metadata.
Support lots of video formats.
The output quality is poor.
It takes a while to complete the process.

Here are the steps to turn MKV to MP4 by VLC:

Step 1Go to the Media menu on the top of VLC, and choose Convert/Save. Click the Add button and open an MKV file.


Step 2Hit the Convert/Save button to move to the next window. Pull down the Profile option, and choose Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4).

Step 3Set an output location in the Destination section by hitting the Browse button.

Convert VLC

Step 4Click the Start button to start turning MKV to MP4.

How to Do MKV to MP4 Conversion on Zamzar

Zamzar is a popular video converter app online. It offers a free version and 3 plans to unlock advanced features. Moreover, the online app supports batch video conversion of up to 150 MB per time.

Conver MKV to MP4 online.
Support popular video formats.
Batch convert MKV files.
Send results to email.
The maximum file size is 150MB.
It requires a good internet connection.

Here are the steps to convert MKV to MP4 online:

ZamZar MKV MP4

Step 1Visit in a browser.

Step 2Click the Choose Files button and upload your MKV files. Choose MP4 from the format option.

Step 3To receive the MP4 files in your email, check your Email when done, and leave your email address. Then hit the Convert Now button.

How to Convert MKV to MP4 via Convertio

Convertio is another video converter online. The maximum file size is 100MB per time for a free account. The subscription plan starts at $9.99 per month. If you want to process large videos, purchase a plan.

Support various input sources.
Adjust video and audio codecs.
Trim MKV before converting.
Export results to cloud servers.
There are ads on the website.

Here are the steps to turn MKV to MP4 online:

MKV MP4 Convertio

Step 1Access in your browser.

Step 2Click the Choose Files button to upload your MKV videos. Or upload them from Dropbox or Google Drive. Hit the Gear icon if you want to adjust custom options.

Step 3Click the Convert button. When it is done, download the output.

Part 4. FAQs about MKV to MP4

Does converting MKV to MP4 lose quality?

It is well-known that converting MKV to MP4 will downscale the video quality. However, a part of video converting software has the capability to enhance video output quality. Therefore, a great video conversion tool is indispensable.

Can I convert MKV to MP4 without downloading any software?

Yes. There are several video conversion tools online that allow you to convert MKV to MP4 without installing any software on your desktop, such as Zamzar and Convertio.

Can Windows Media Player convert MKV to MP4?

No. Windows Media Player is the built-in media player. It cannot convert video formats.


Now, you should learn at least 5 ways to convert your MKV video files to MP4 format online or offline. Some of them are completely free to use, like HandBrake and VLC. Others require some kind of payment. You can make the best decision according to our introduction. AVAide Video Converter is the best option to do lossless conversion. More questions? Please write them down below.

By Bryan Simmonds on Sep 13, 2023

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