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Free convert RM/RMVB to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WebM, FLV, WMV, M4V, GIF, MP3, YouTube, Facebook, etc., without size or time limits.


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How to Convert RM Videos

Add File

Add RM Files

Click Add YOUR FILES button to upload the RM videos.

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Choose Format

Select Output Format

Select the output format by checking the box of the output formats.

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Start Conversion

Convert RM Videos

Click Convert to start converting one or more RM videos.

Why Choose Free RM Converter Online

  • Totally Free

    It is 100% free to convert RM and RMVB video files without paying any cost.

  • Safe & Security

    All the converted RM files will be deleted after downloading. It is 100% safe.

  • Fast Speed

    The converting speed is fast after installing the launcher and guarantees a quick conversion.

  • Easy to Use

    This free RM converting tool is easy to use with 3 steps to complete the conversion.

  • High-quality Output

    It can convert 1080p HD, 720p HD, and other SD videos to other 1080p HD files.

  • Multiple Output Formats

    It exports a wide range of video and audio formats over 300 to support any device.

  • Browser Compatible

    This Free RM Converter Online supports all browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

  • No Watermark

    No watermark. It converts RM videos without a watermark and you can use it freely.

What Our Users Say about Free RM Converter Online

  • ThereasaThereasa

    I found this program by accident and so far I love it. Before when I wanted to convert an RM video I downloaded to MP4 for playing on my iPhone, I have to download a desktop converter with a free trial. Now I can complete the RM file conversion with a full version.

  • KennyKenny

    I didn't find a free full-version program for converting RM to MP4 until Free RM Converter. Easy to use and fast to get. What’s more important, it is 100% free without any size or files limits. Thanks a lot.

  • MK PhipMK Phip

    Thanks for offering such an excellent free program to convert RM videos. Without signup, it can covert multiple RM files at one time. What I love more is it includes no watermark. You guys rock!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RM video format?

RM, RealMedia, created by RealNetworks, is a proprietary multimedia container format. It is typically used in conjunction with RealVideo and RealAudio. RM is widely used for streaming content over the Internet.

Can VLC play RM files?

What programs can play RM files?

What is the difference between RM and RMVB?

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